Portrait of the Artist as a Young(ish) Romance Writer (TM)

In the absence of SYTYCW news (yes, still waiting), here’s a picture of me being stupid.

A day or two ago, Joanne Coles suggested on Twitter that Maisey Yates needed bons bons and champagne and then she’d be a real romance writer. Following a discussion about stereotypes, Maisey instantly came back with this gorgeous pic of her as ‘The Romance Writer’.

And since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, here is Jackie Ashenden lounging on her day bed while she drinks champagne and eats chocolate, her faithful lapdog by her side.

Note: She is not wearing a gauzy dress but a gauzy top is de rigeur. She also had gold shoes. Ignore the jeans, though they are more Riva aren’t they? Purists also may note that her glass is empty. That’s because she’s waiting for her buff and oiled manservant to pour her another. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, tell me faithful blog readers, what do you wear while you’re writing? A gauzy, flowy dress? Chick-lit strappy sandals? Do you drink pink champagne and pet your toy poodle while you dictate to a minion? Or do you – heaven forfend – slop around in your pyjamas while you tap away?

15 thoughts on “Portrait of the Artist as a Young(ish) Romance Writer (TM)”

  1. Love the pic, Jackie! And I’m sorry you haven’t heard anything yet…that’s just torture!

    It depends on the day, but most I can be found in jeans and tees or even yoga pants. On really cold days (like today) I’m in flannels (todays are hot pink with green-scarf-wearing polar bears).

  2. SO if all romance writers lay around dressed up and with glasses of wine, when do they actually write?

    Hope you hear news of full request today, Jackie, the trend has changed…now everybody is being asked for fulls!

    BTW, very gorgeous photo! Fits my image of a romance writer… but heck I’m still in my PJ! It’s 7 am!

  3. Kristina – thank you! Just me being silly. Urgh, yuck that it’s so cold for you. It’s summer here and the reality is that I often DO type away in my PJs. But that’s a secret so don’t tell anyone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Nas – They don’t write. Computers do it all for us. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, thanks for the lovely hope! But Toronto is having a snow day today so I won’t hear yet. Sigh. Oh and glad you like the pic. I am of course, since it is 8am here, in full romance writing regalia…

  4. Aimee – thanks! I doctored it slightly ’cause I love my iPhones photo apps. Doesn’t look too bad eh? Really, I should be wearing a turban… But scrubs sound awesome! Are they inspiring? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks re SYTYCW. It’s becoming torturous…

  5. I’m a bit of a props gal myself. If I’m writing a glam scene then I like to pop on a pair of heels – makes me feel all sassy and reminds me how heels make a girl walk differently etc. If it’s an up close and personal scene then a bit of perfume and some bubbles help. But for everyday writing – usually yoga pants and a tragically un-gauzy top. Have to admit my last feather boa met a messy end at the paws of the furkid

  6. Oh and Jackie I forgot commiserations on not hearing anything yet but I’m sure somewhere in Toronto an editor is curled up with your sub – enjoying every word and wondering just how she will give you the good news!

  7. Elissa – yay for sassy heels! And feather boas. Bubbles and perfume are always good too. May I also suggest a manservant? Wonderful for the inspiration. A minion too can help.
    Oh and cheers re my sub. Rs are still going out alas and unfortunately that could be me.

  8. Jackie, I feel the agony of your wait!
    I just left a post on eharl. community regarding also checking the spam folder at your service provider end. Just a thought. m

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