Post-Book Hangover – The Reality of Having a Deadline

Have finished my Dirty Virgin Hero for Samhain – yay! Honestly, I loved the guy but he was one hell of a complicated hero to write. He had ISSUES man. Serious issues. And it was one of those stories where I had to stop and think through every one of his reactions and responses because maaaaaan, he so many complex things going on with him.

It was kind of one of those books where you go ‘this is idea is cool and angsty. Sweet. I’ll write it’. And then you realise what you’ve taken on. And you think ‘crap’. Then you want to back out but you can’t because hey, you’re published now and you have a contract and a deadline and you can’t email your editor saying ‘you know that book of mine you bought? Well, I’ve decided it’s too complicated and I can’t write the rest of it. Sorry.’  Not when the title is in the Coming Soon part of your debut book (see that promo that I just kind of whipped in there?? hehe).  No, this is where the rubber hits the road and the warm, happy glow of being newly published becames the cold, damp embrace of reality.

You can’t just fling up your hands and say ‘eff it. I don’t wanna write this crappy idea. It’s way too hard,’ and go and play Halo 4 instead.
You can’t put it away and go on with the other two really neat story ideas that have popped up in your head and you REALLY want to write more.
You can’t get your friends to write it for you.
You can’t put it away and go back to it when you feel like it. 

What you have to do is sit down and write that mofo yourself. Because you are a PROFESSIONAL now and writing is no longer your hobby, or even just your passion, it’s your job and if you don’t do it there will be consequences.


Now I have to write my next book which is for Entangled and the third in the Talking Dirty series I sold to them earlier this year. It’s not due till May but I am going to do it now because I DO have another couple of ideas I’m more excited about but neither of them have deadlines. Somehow I’m going to have to put them aside and muster up some enthusiasm for the story I have to write now – which is proving somewhat difficult. After the angst-fest of my last book, you’d think I’d be raring to get into something lighter and flirtier but no. There’s something quite daunting about starting a new story, especially one you’re kind of meh about writing.

Anyone got any tips on how to get excited about a story you HAVE to write?

BTW, if you’re bored with me wibbling on, check out the Samhain video below. It’s much sexier than listening to me rant. 🙂  (oh and apologies for the dodgy formatting).