Round One Edit Complete

Okay, so I’ve finished the first edit of my wip. Still no word from the ed on whether she likes chapters 2 and 3. I had planned not to touch it until I heard from her but couldn’t keep away. Anyway, it’s done now and it’s in better shape than the first time round. Wondering if I’ve over complicated things again with the resolution but won’t think about that till the second round of edits. I’m kind of tempted to polish it up but I have no idea whether the ed will want more or, if she does want more, whether she’ll get me to change it again so there’s kind of no point in many ways.

This story has been a nightmare to rewrite actually. It’s currently in its 5th iteration and I’m so close to the characters, that whole gentle reveal thing has been really hard. Plus the fact that having no external conflict at all, the reason the two stay together in the book is all down to their choice and if they realise they’re falling for each other they would run a mile! So I have to keep them lying to themselves about what they’re feeling which makes for a slow build book. They don’t know they’re falling for each other and keep telling themselves everything’s okay – until right at the end when it blows up in their faces. Don’t know if that’s right but that’s the way it’s played out. And I’ve realised I’ve got quite a few love scenes in there. Ah well, the attraction between them is the excuse they use to stay together so it’s a large part of the story. And each scene does forward the conflict – I hope!

Good news for the first edit though is that I cried a little at the end. Always a sign that you’ve written something emotional! I didn’t in the first draft – first time ever – so I knew I’d have to go back and ramp everything up. So big yays for tears! Anyone else cry when they write their happy endings?

Right, nothing to do now but wait until I hear back from the ed – whenever that will be. Oh and I’m doing a writing tip on the Sisters’ blog today too. Will go up UK time. I’m thinking I might do a little something on dialogue…

12 thoughts on “Round One Edit Complete”

  1. Thanks m’dear!! I may write fast but it’s quality that counts. Hope it’s good but hey, if the ed wants the hot limo scene then she’ll have to ask for the rest of it. Hehe.

  2. O_o Hot limo!!!

    Yay, Jackie!!

    And yes, I blubber at the end of my own books. Not *always* when writing, but at least during the read through. The sheikh nearly killed me…if I wasn’t crying I was aching like my heart was broken…*rolls eyes* writers.

  3. Maisey – oh yes, indeed, a hot limo scene. But she’s not getting it unless she asks nicely. hehe. Lol on the Sheikh! Well, it was a VERY emotional story. Made me cry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Kerrin – thanks! The tears will go with the blood that’s soaking the pages of the ms already. ๐Ÿ™‚

    SadeRa – why thank you. So do you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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