Sale Congratulations

Just interrupting the pity party to offer congrats to:

Amy Strnad for her sale to MH!! Yay, go Amy! She will now have to get herself a blog so we can all go comment. Hint, hint… 🙂

Wendy Marcus for her sale to Medicals!! Go Wendy!

Well done ladies.

The whine will continue anon.

16 thoughts on “Sale Congratulations”

  1. Jackie, you are the epitome of graciousness, and it is an honor to call you a friend.

    Hey, when you get a free moment, can you email me at


    PS working on blog – my dog now has one so I should be next:)

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Jackie! And thanks to Suzanne and Sally, too!

    I read your last post ant I know exactly how you feel, Jackie. I’ve been there myself, several times. Each time I think I finally got it right, only to get another e-mail of revisions. (And I’ve been revising for 5 months.) The bright side, and there is a bright side, your editor did not tell you to stop trying. She sees something in you and is willing to work with you. You have a wonderful opportunity. I have completely rewritten my story in the revision process. I honestly don’t thing one thing remains as it was when I first submitted it. Several chapters I’ve rewritten two or three times until they were accepted. My hero wasn’t likable, so I added a scene to make him heroic. Sometimes it’s easier to start a scene from scratch than to try to fix it. Good luck and hang in there. I once told Amy, “I am going to revise and revise and revise until they tell me not to.” (It may have been after a few glasses of wine!) You can do it. Take a break to clear your head. Maybe read a craft book on characterization. (It always seems to help me.)
    Good luck!

  3. Suzanne and Sally – great huh?

    Amy – Not all the time I’m not. 🙂 I sent you an email.

    Wendy – forgot to link to your blog. Will do so now. Thanks for the advice. Yes, having the ed is great. I just need to get her a story she thinks is worth asking for revisions on.

  4. Hell yeah, you ARE gracious, Jackie! Your blog is a gathering place for anyone needing a boost, a place to vent, or just share in the trials of writing. There are MANY days where things looked like crap and a visit here lifted my spirits, made me smile, or nod my head in agreement.

    You make things less lonely for the rest of us, and I am utterly grateful.


  5. Amy – you just totally made my day. And I’m so glad my blog is a place that means those things to you. I’m just blown away it’s been such a help. All I feel I’m doing sometimes is moaning a lot but I do try not to. 🙂

  6. Thanks Joanne, Rachael, and Lacey! I’m with Amy….you are gracious, Jackie. Thanks for the link and the congratulations. Can’t wait to offer them up to you some day real soon!

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