Still Waiting….

I’m still waiting to hear back re SYTYCW. It’s like waiting for the firing squad to get to you. They’ve shot everyone else, there’s only you left. Groan! And it’s worse for me because normally my news comes while I’m sleeping due to the difference in time zones between the UK and NZ. Yay for sleeping! This time it looks like the news is coming from Toronto and the difference in time zones is different. I’m awake during their work hours and it’s horrible! Wish I was still asleep.

Alright, so, while I am waiting, pull up a chair and share your SYTYCW stories. Got an R you want to vent about? Some feedback you can’t understand? Still waiting like me? Share! I’ll get Hoo to mix some drinks…

And while he’s at it, check out the Sisters’ blog and the awesome post Maisey has written re strengthening that first chapter.

19 thoughts on “Still Waiting….”

  1. Ah…Hoo always comes through. Hoo, my good octopus, give me your best Sprite with a twist of lime!

    I’m waiting with youm Jackie. 😉

  2. Julia – I wish I’d heard!! The slow creep of Rs is freaking me out. *gulps at martini*

    Maisey – *passes Sprite (not the cheap stuff, the vintage cuvee)* Thanks m’dear! I’m expecting the R to come at any moment now…

  3. Waiting sucks! And it never gets easier.

    Has anyone had good news from the SYTYCW extravaganza? Haven’t checked eHarlequin yet today.

    Hang in there!!!!

  4. Cat – Not that I’ve heard. The best news has been people who’ve had encouraging Rs of the ‘while we found much to like in your story…we ultimately decided to go in a different direction…” Ah well, nowt to do but wait.
    *has another martini*

  5. Maybe the answer is to stay up all night and sleep all day? No? Well, it was just a thought.

    I really hope you hear soon, I’m obsessively checking twitter and eharl from around 2pm onwards my time so I don’t miss anything.

    We’re all rooting for you 🙂

  6. Hi Jackie,

    You’ll hear something soon. Have faith. When I visited the eharl SYTYCW thread, the pile of R’s are staggering. Going through I felt for each of the posters. Michelle Styles is urgently needed there with her pep talk.

    Hope you can change the trend with some good news. Fingers crossed for you.

  7. Nas- thank you!! I know, I saw that on eHarl. It’s scary. I don’t think anyone has had good news so far. All we can do is sit and wait.
    *another martini, Hoo!*

  8. Here Jackie *pushes a martini closer*. We’re all here with you (in spirit – no pun intended) until you get your news. Which I am sure will be positive, after all this is The Year of Greatness for you. Hoo mix me up a few Cosmopolitans dahling – I’m here for however long it takes. Any eye candy in this joint, Jackie?

  9. Elissa – thanks m’dear! *grabs more martini*. Year of Greatness! Ahahah! *titters nervously* I’d just settle for a full request at this stage. But I love your faith. 🙂
    Hoo, get this lovely lady a Cosmo, stat! Eye candy? Er…*digs out a picture of David Gandy that has been using as chess hero inspiration* Would this do?

  10. Robin – hey, how you doing? *hands Robin a bourbon* I’ve got my other Robyn (and fellow Sassy Sister) waiting too. Nightmare eh? Here’s a toast to still waiting. Groan.
    *clinks with martini*

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