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Make It Good

Texas Bounty #4

Coming 2018

About This Book

The Texas Bounty series raises the stakes—and the heat—as a chiseled bounty hunter with a dangerous past fights to save the one woman he’s ever loved.

Rhys Fox doesn’t miss being a hit man, not that he ever killed someone who didn’t deserve it. After going legit as a bounty hunter, he can’t stop looking over his shoulder. So he stays cold, detached, always in control . . . except when it comes to Vivi Hale. Rhys aches to lose himself in her arms—or between her thighs—but if anything ever happened to her, he could never forgive himself. And when something does, there’s hell to pay.

When she looks at Rhys, Vivi no longer sees the boy who carried her books back in school. Instead she sees a dark, powerful stranger. A killer. Even so, Vivi knows she’d let him touch her. Let him inside her. And she’d loved it. When they’re forced on the run together, she finds her pulse racing—and not only because of the target on her back. Vivi gets an illicit thrill out of surrendering to Rhys’s every demand. She just hopes he wants all the same things she does.