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Talking Dirty With the CEO

Talking Dirty Series #1

About This Book

Tonight the geek is going to get the guy…

Gadget journalist Christie St. John is more geek than chic. But when research for an article she has to write on online dating leads to the bed of the hottest guy she’s ever met, she knows that if the geek is to keep the hottie CEO, she’s going to have to come out of her digital shell.

Tech mogul Joseph Ashton never expected an Internet blind date to end in the best sex of his life. Yet as the chemistry between him and Christie burns out of control, he can’t help but think this woman is out for his money like all the rest. She claims she wants his heart instead – but that’s the one thing he can never give.


Christie swallowed. Then gathered her courage. “Y-yes. I think we do have c-chemistry.”

Way to go with the stutter. Great start.

Both brows drew together this time. “You don’t sound very sure.”

Just pretend you’re typing this into the computer. That he’s not standing right in front of you, blinding you with his hotness.

She lifted her chin. “Well, of course I’m sure. They don’t call me Naughtygirl for nothing, you know.”

“Is that a fact? You were pretty naughty online.” The flame in his gaze burned hotter. “How about in real life?”

Oh wow. Something was crackling in the air between them, a tension that left her breathless.

Was this the chemistry he was talking about? Because if it was…damn.

Christie took an uncertain step toward him. “Oh, I have been known to get pretty naughty there, too.”

He smiled. “Would admitting that I do in fact have etchings you can come up and see be too much?”

“Etchings are never too much.”

“In that case, would you like to come up and look at mine?”

“Only if you have a sheepskin rug and Neil Diamond.”

“I don’t. But I can make a mean Bloody Mary.”

“I have a confession. I don’t really like tomato juice.”

“Good. Because neither do I.”

Somehow they’d gotten closer to each other and she had no idea how it had happened. But it wasn’t enough. She wanted to

get even closer.

Excitement caught in her throat. She took another few steps, her heels teetering, her dress pulling tight around her thighs.

Unfamiliar sensations. Reminding her of who she was supposed to be. Naughtygirl.

She took a breath. “Then what do you like?”

“I like women with long legs that go on forever. In stretchy black dresses. Wearing sheep on their chests.” His gaze never left


Another step closer. “It’s not a sheep. It’s a lamb.”

“Some kind of bovine, then.”

His eyes were so blue, even in the dim light of the street. And he smelled good. And he was warm. Hot. She could feel his heat

even from… Good God, she was barely inches away from him


“Cows are bovine. Sheep are ovine,” she corrected thickly.

He didn’t move, just let her come close, staring down into her eyes, into her. Looking at her as if she was the most fascinating thing he’d ever seen…