The Dog Ate My Blog Post

Because school holidays have ruined my career as a wanna-be romance novelist, not to mention keeping this blog up to date, I’m taking the easy way out post-wise and directing your attention to the Sisters’ site where I have a post about emotion up there. It’s one I was going to do for here but since I forgot it was my turn to do a post and considering that dogs can’t really eat blog posts (I don’t have a dog anyway), I had no excuse but to sacrifice it to my Sisters. It’s on emotion in conflict and also has a totally gratuitous picture of Magnum PI.

If that doesn’t float your boat and music is more your bag, then go here where, for your veiwing pleasure the lovely Maisey Yates covers an Adele song. She can write, she can sing…Is there anything this woman can’t do?? 🙂

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