The Seven Sassy Sisters Strike Back

Who are the Seven Sassy Sisters? What on earth do they do? What’s all this about a double life? Why is a small, knitted, blue octopus so important? Is it even possible to write both Blaze and Sweet at the same time? Who likes Stephen King and romance too? What is it about displaced Australians and Superromance? Who likes hiding out in their garden shed? And whose husband is worthy of a Presents cover?

For all the answers to these questions and more, check out

Blog launches 14th of May. Be there or be square.

P.S. the ed offered to read chapter 1 of my rewrite. So I sent it off to her and guess what? She LIKED it!! Finally, after nearly a year of getting everything wrong, I am getting something right. 🙂

22 thoughts on “The Seven Sassy Sisters Strike Back”

  1. Janette – cheers m’dear!

    Sally – don’t think there’s anything there yet! Soon though. The Sisters and Minxes are go!

    Caroline – yeah, my sentiments exactly. Hope it continues.

  2. Hey Jax,

    Congrats about the first chapter. Think of it this way, one down- two to go. You can do it.

    And the site looks awesome.


  3. Jackie, can I just say I knew you could do it? Cuz I did!! You rawk lady!!

    I’m excited for the site too…bwahahahaha!!

  4. Hi,

    Well done! See, it all came right in the end, and I feel sure the follow-up chapters will fulfil your ultimate dream!

    Re TSSSSB: looking good – nice professional touch to it. My god, though, you’ve got some dead serious keyboard bashing to do to keep up with two blogs and writing novels.


  5. Seven Sassy Sisters sounds great fun! Will read with interest.

    And CONGRATS! That’s brilliant news, you must be feeling very encouraged by the positive feedback. Good Luck. x

  6. Maisey – perhaps I rawk just a little bit. Thanks lovie.

    Kaily – yeah, a few cartwheels here and there. And yeah, it was epic!

    Francine – Lol! I know! Busy is good though. And yeah, re the chapter, it’s working so far. Not counting my chickens though.

    Joanne – I am VERY encouraged! Feels like so long since I’ve had a writing boost. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

    Empi – hey you! Thanks! Hope you’re still writing and subbing!

  7. Foot in the door, huh? Get those next chapters off to the editor, see if you can’t get your whole leg in … then your shoulder, lol, and so on.

    Well done and good luck!!

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