The View from the Other Side

I’ve actually been waiting to post on here a while because I wanted to do a Happy Release Day post for my lovely CP and fellow Entangled Sister Robyn. But due to technical difficulties, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for that.

So I thought I’d write intead about being on the other side of the publishing fence and what’s different about it.

Nothing as it turns out.

Hehe. Actually, that’s not strictly true. My inbox is a lot fuller of author loop emails than it used to be. And I guess the fears about writing have changed a little.  It’s not not so much ‘will they like my writing’ as ‘will they like this new story’. There’s a bit of that ‘difficult second album’ thing going on.

I’ve finished the first draft of my next Indulgence and am now working on the next book for Samhain. Both are proving bears to write. I somehow thought the writing would all get a lot easier once I was accepted but turns out not. I’m worried my ed won’t like my next Indulgence book as much as the first – I wrote the first one a while ago after all. And I’m really worried my Samhain ed won’t want to buy the one I’m going to send her because, well, it’s got angst up the wazoo and is totally crazy. I went a little 50 Shades on it even. 

I guess the fears never end do they? They just get a little different.

What is weird is being a published author and yet not having a book out yet. I’ve got six months to wait until my Samhain book is released and then another few months after that before my Indulgence book is good to go (though release dates for that are yet to be finalised).  Which is SO LONG! Argh! And yet part of me is glad of the wait because I’m not sure if I’m ready for reviews and all the stuff that comes along with complete strangers reading your book. Especially the bad reviews and I will get ’em because if I’ve learned one thing from the New Voices comp it was that not everyone likes what you write.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I should be posting crafty-type stuff but instead I’ll leave you with a link to an awesome post by Maisey on balancing internal and external conflict in category romance. It’s really good. In fact, I heartily recommend you ask her questions in the comments if you have any because she is an expert in this type of thing.

And when you’ve done that, go here to Brenda Drake’s blog. She’s running a pitch competition with the Entangled eds for all the Entangled lines. First 200 comments and they’re up to 163 already so get thee hence quickly! I’m recommending this because I sold to Entangled through a pitch competition so it’s worth a crack!

Also if you’ve got a question about pitching or about Entangled then feel free to ask me!