The weight of the wait…

Sorry, sad play on words there. Two days to go and am editing my Nano. Aren’t I a good girl? However things have been made more difficult by the crash of our home backup server. Along with many WIPs, my working copy of Kate is now inaccessible. I am stupid. I should have backedup the backup! Anyway, my husband is now under sentence of death unless he can extract all the data. With any luck it won’t be corrupted and all will be well. On the bright side, it means that I can’t get out the document, look over it and agonise over all the things I could have done better…

On that happy note, and in the interests of time-wasting, here is an adorable link to Pride and Prejudice told by Facebook newsfeed. Weird huh? But very cute. And here, also, is Hamlet.

And if that doesn’t provide at least a couple of seconds of amusement, you can always play dress up with your own Regency hero or heroine (links thanks to Smart Bitches – a fab blog if you like your romance with a healthy dose of snark).

4 thoughts on “The weight of the wait…”

  1. How funny! I love the dressing up the regency hero and heroines but something went wrong somewhere and they looked decidedly odd.

    You are a bad influence, I have wasted a good 10 minutes being diverted 😉

    Hope you’ve managed to divert yourself from your server woes in the process.

  2. I know. It’s a terrible time-waster. It’s more Nano editing woes at the moment than server woes (which I am trying not to think about).
    I hate motivations! 🙂

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