Top Ten Things to do While Waiting

1. Twiddle thumbs and whistle tunelessly while surfing around aimlessly on the interweb.

2. Check email for the 50 millionth time.

3. Post pointless comments on other people’s blogs.

4. Finally get to your WIP then waste time trying to think of titles for it. So far – being crap at titles – I have gone for the joke option (you never get to choose your own titles anyway). Option 1: It Started With a Panic Attack. Option 2: The Venture Capitalist’s Backpacker Mistress.

5. Critique other people’s manuscripts. This is the perfect time, people. If you have a Modern Heat burning a hole in your PC and need a crit partner, I am currently not doing anything. πŸ˜‰

6. Eat more chocolate and have another coffee.

7. Wonder if you should go for a walk and then decide not to ’cause it’s too hot. Summer in Auckland is far too hot for anything strenuous.

8. Check to make sure Hell hasn’t frozen over. No. Good.

9. Wonder if you should post a poll on your blog – Revisions first or chapter up on I Hearts first?

10. Plan the next blog post, determining not to mention revisions again because you’re in danger of becoming a revisions-bore.

11. Return to number 1. Yes, the numbers do go up to 11 (for those who have seen Spinal Tap).

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Things to do While Waiting”

  1. 12. Put ‘hot fit men’ into Google images and ogle hunks for ‘research’ purposes.

    13. Stare blankly into the distance and kid yourself that you’re ‘brainstorming’.

    14. Struggle to remember that patience is apparently a virtue.

  2. Lucy, I hadn’t thought of number 12. Putting that into action first thing tomorrow (it’s night here now). Number 13, check. Number 14, sadly I’ve never been particularly virtuous. Maybe I should start? πŸ™‚

  3. You have to keep up with number 3 or else you’ll ruin one of my best procrastinating tools – checking my own blog for comments before posting inane comments on yours πŸ˜‰

  4. Your chapter is BRILLIANT – LOVED IT. I can’t belive they didn’t want the book. Self publish and you already have an audience.

    Well done.


    PS you really shouldn’t have made that offer in no. 5 – we’ll all be clogging up your inbox.

  5. Jackie, just read your chapter and LOVED it. Like Suzanne I can’t believe they didn’t want the rest. WHY NOT???!!! Kate is fab, and Alex is gorgeous. Am dying to find out what happens next.

    Maybe you could post the rest in instalments here…?

  6. Oh you guys, I’m blushing! Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my chapter. I’m going to do a blog post as to why they didn’t want it. I agree with them actually, but boy, you just don’t know these things until someone points it out to you…

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