Um….Another Sale

I am starting to feel a bit weird now. Like it’s a dream and someone’s going to rudely shake me away and tell me it’s not real. That I didn’t just sell six books in one year. Yes, that’s right. Six.

Because I sent in my proposal (three chapters and a synopsis) of my Dirty Virgin Hero ms to my Samhain editor and the next day – along with my Finn edits – she says she loves it and also the idea for the linked book that I included. Oh and also she’d like it for print so make sure it’s over 50k.


I do not know how this has happened. I’m sure the ride is going to stop soon because it HAS to.

I do know that I am extremely pleased that my Russian chess player hero – whose story I wrote and rewrote so many times because I’m a stubborn bitch and I WANTED it out there because he’s cool, and how can you not love a chess playing dude?? – is sold. Black Knight, White Queen is currently slated for release in July next year.

And now my tattooed virgin bad boy – tentatively titled Take Him – also has a contract. Plus the possibility of print which I NEVER expected at all.

I am…well….rather gobsmacked.

Even with all this, I’m still hoping the ride will contine because I’d love my sheikh to be released into the world. But I’m not sure real life happens that way. Right???

Anyway, I also just want to reassure those of you entering SYTYCW that if you don’t get through to the next round, it’s NOT the end. All of you who read this blog know I entered both New Voices and SYTYCW, and I got nowhere. However, my first New Voices entry now has a three book deal with Entangled and The Chessman – which was an SYTYCW entry last year – sold to Samhain (admittedly, as a very different story but same concept).  I also know of several people who also didn’t get anywhere with their contest entries and yet sold the same book to M&B later.

The main thing really is to believe in your story.  Believe it deserves to be read.  And if you can’t do either of those things then just being as stubborn as hell does the trick too. 🙂

Right….*delivers chocolate martinis* *raises glass* A toast to my virgin hero! Who’s with me?