We Apologise for the Delay – Normal Service Will Resume in a Fortnight

Yes, I have heard back from M&B. It was a lovely email letting me know that there has been a delay and that I’ll get my feedback within a fortnight. Sigh. It’s very nice of them to let me know this – they certainly didn’t have to send me anything at all – so I’m very grateful for the heads up.

But I admit to feeling a tad…tortured! The email only mentioned ‘feedback’ so I have to say I’m expecting the worst. This may seem premature and fatalistic but at this point that’s how I feel. I was wondering if they can’t just give me a hint – rejection or revisions! But I assume they can’t tell me anything more because no one has made an official decision yet. Until the ‘second opinion’ has let the editorial assistant know the verdict, she can’t say anything either way. Which is only my assumption of course, not knowing how these work, but I guess that’s the reason. And I understand. I wouldn’t want to be told ‘yes, you’re having revisions’, only for her to come back and say, ‘scrub what I told you, the official word is no’.

So,I shouldn’t assume what they’ll tell me because I don’t really know. I guess I’m doing what I always do – assuming the worst so I won’t be disappointed. This, by the way, never works! I should also resume my NTAI which I have to admit, is getting very hard. But forgetting about it is clearly the way to go. If only I could! 🙂

Anyway, given the delay, I have emailed the editorial assistant to ask if it’s appropriate for me to pitch another ms at our conference. I’m hoping she’ll get back to me because I don’t want to take up a slot if I don’t need it.

Okay, that’s my news. Anyone got anything good to share? I need some good news today. 🙂

21 thoughts on “We Apologise for the Delay – Normal Service Will Resume in a Fortnight”

  1. The waiting is an absolute killer but just remember, all the pain will make the reward that much sweeter when in comes. If you are pitching a new manuscript, I would jump right in there and pitch. You can never have too many irons in the fire.

  2. It is a killer, Felicity! Yeah, you’re right but Miss Impatience wants her reward RIGHT NOW! 🙂

    Yes, well, if I don’t hear anything from the EA I’ll go ahead with the pitch. They may not even like it anyway!

  3. Poor you, Jackie. I can’t think that they would be so mean as to tell you ‘feedback’ and then reject.

    That really would be mean and why on earth would they want to reject your book?!

    Postive thoughts being sent your way 🙂

  4. Ah, thanks Joanne. Well, there may be very good reasons for rejecting my book. If they reject it, no doubt they’ll tell me why. I think they say ‘feedback’ when they can’t tell you what kind of feedback you’ll get. Either way, it’ll be feedback of some kind.

  5. Janette, they said they’d have feedback to me within a fortnight. Could be earlier, or later even! I’ll just wait until I get it either way.

    Re the outright no, not necessarily. The EA might like it and think it could be revised but a higher up (and presumably this is who she’s waiting on) might tell her not to bother and to reject instead. The whole chain of people have to like it for it to be eventually published.

  6. Hang in there Jackie and try not to borrow tomorrow’s worries.

    Now if my calculations are correct, you have four manuscripts waiting to be edited, so make good use of these next two weeks.

  7. Yeah, you’re right, Romy. I’ll try not to. And indeed, I do have four wips to edit! I should knuckle down.

    Thanks for the hugs, Rach. The waiting part sucks but I guess they must have so many mss to look at that it just takes time. Mine is just one of many I’m sure.

  8. Right, hugs.

    Feedback is simply the M&B word. It will be up to the EA to decide once she gets the feedback from the other pair of eyes whether it is more revisions or a rejection. At this point, I would say that she wants to be your editor and is working with you. Half of pitching is so that editors can find authors to add to their stable. YOu are already working with an editor. If the revisions are too deep, then she will want to see whatever you are offering next.
    Once you are taken on, everything goes through your primary editor.
    Anyway, at this stage all you can control is your writing.
    And really delays happen when you are under contract as well.

  9. Thanks Michelle – for the advice and the hugs. The EA has been very encouraging so far so I’m hoping for the best.
    Yes, re the pitching, I’m pretty sure that if this book doesn’t fly, she’ll ask me what else I have so in that way, I already have an editors attention. Oh well, all I can do now is keep on waiting. And actually, given all the lovely advice I’ve received today, that isn’t turning out to be so bad.

  10. Well the good news is that if, as Michelle says, the revisions are too deep they will be looking to see what else you have to offer.
    And you have lots to offer them – you have four really good, completed stories, all written since EM with everything you’ve learnt since then applied.
    You are a very talented writer with a promising future so take some deep breaths, pamper yourself (how about that spa package pressie you got for your birthday?) and keep on writing 🙂
    Oh and have a hug in the mean time ((( )))

  11. Lorraine, thanks! You are very good for the old ego. 🙂 Yes indeed, I’d forgotten about the husband’s pressie. Maybe I’ll have to plan that for when I’m really at a low ebb with this waiting business.

    Cheers for that, Lucy! Am determined to make it. Man, are they going to be sick of hearing from me… 🙂

  12. These lovely ladies have said it all, Jackie.
    They want to work with you.
    You have lots to offer them. You can do it!
    You are a total stalwart surviving the limbo so I salute you! Chocolate martini triples all round. Hugsx
    P.S. Your blog is becoming a must tune in sale docudrama. I am feeling the need to get mobile phone text updates!

  13. Lol, Judy!! It IS all a bit dramatic isn’t it? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that for the next two weeks, nothing of note will be happening here. At least, nothing but me have angst-attacks… 🙂
    Thanks for your lovely words. I’m very lucky to have such great blog-people offering support like this.
    Chocolate martini triples for everyone!

  14. Stop thinking about it, Jackie, and just get on with the next project. It’s ennervating to concentrate on the stuff you can’t do anything about.

    Michelle is right. The EA wants to work with you, but it’s not entirely her decision. Consider anything you get at this point “feedback” because it will help you make all your future books stronger (not to mention how strong it will make you for enduring it all!).

    Fingers crossed for you.

  15. You WILL be published, Jackie. You’ve proved that you have talent and that you’re not afraid to put in the hard work. It’s only a matter of time.

    I know waiting’s torture, but it will be worth it.

    There are a number of people out here poised and ready to buy a Jackie Ashenden book.


  16. Anne, yes, you’re right. My pattern is usually to obssess about it for a day or two and then get on with things. Anyway, the revisions the EA gave me have already made the book hugely better so if she’s got more, I can’t wait to see them.

    Thanks for the encouragement Suzanne. I need it today – found out I didn’t final in a contest I had hopes for. Sniff. But I guess that’s the way of contests.

  17. I say get excited! OF COURSE it will be revisions. Start planning the party now! Buy chocolates and alcohol in bulk get out the cocktail recipes because you’re almost there! 🙂

    Ahh Miss Impatience made me laugh.

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