Why I Like Ebooks

Because I am extremely, extremely impatient and downloading an ebook is instant. No getting into the car and driving to the bookshop, no feeling annoyed because they don’t have the book you want, no getting back into the car and driving to another bookshop, no waiting in a queue at the fourth bookshop where you finally found the book and need to buy it, and no having to haul said book around in your bag for days afterwards because you can’t put it down (thank you Wolf Hall).

Okay, the down sides are irritating formatting and licensing which means that if you want to put it on another PC, it’s difficult to transfer, reading on a PC screen (which I have got used to), and not being able to read it in the bath. It’s that last one which is the biggie for me because I particularly like reading in the bath. If they ever invent an ebook reader than doesn’t mind water, I’m an instant buyer.

And the other reason I like ebooks is that I can get my Modern Heat fix a month early! Woohoo! Now, I like all the Modern Heat authors, they rock, but two of my particular favourites are available for download right now – Heidi Rice and Kelly Hunter have two books out this month on the Mills and Boon site and I am happy, happy, happy. I’m going to be a shameless fan girl here and say that I love Heidi’s deliciously strong heroes like I love chocolate, and I love Kelly’s way with dialogue like I love chocolate martinis. Yummo. Oh, and I’ve been hanging out for these two stories for ages…

So I’m planning a happy evening downloading and curling up in front of my laptop. What else is everyone doing this evening (or day, depending on your time zone)?

18 thoughts on “Why I Like Ebooks”

  1. LOL, Lady of Leisure!

    I’m curling up with my synopsis as my subliminal ‘Nail the darn thing’ message has yet to kick in. The final resolution lines simply refuse to emerge. Can’t believe I’ve spent a month writing 3 chapters – the whole book should be done by now but I keep fiddling with the all important first chapter.

    I’ve tried going the e-book way. Downloaded some stuff from booksonboard (gave it a whirl as it’s free) but it’s just not the same. Personally, I love the whole tangible book experience. Can’t miss out on that new book smell either! Mostly, I need to be able to (brace yourself) scribble notes on the margins. Sacrilege πŸ™‚

  2. Like the photo, Veronica! Sounds like it’s time to step away from the ms huh? Good luck with that synopsis.

    No, that’s the other problem with ebooks that I didn’t put in my post – there is definitely a certain something about the ‘book experience’. And I love the new book smell too. Scribble in the margins though…tut,tut. As an ex-librarian that’s smack hands material. πŸ™‚

  3. Duly chastised!

    I dropped out of my Grad Dip in Lib studies but did work in a library for 5 yrs (engineering/technical…yawn!) Funnily enough, the librarians saw books as ‘working tools’ which made me cringe and while I scribble (okay…well deserved rap on the knuckles) I’m renown for my a-retentive/non-creasing of spines policy! Only the hardiest ever borrow books from me πŸ˜‰

  4. Sadly the day job is keeping me busy so I’m behind my desk preparing for a meeting with clients this afternoon which I just know is going to run late and mean I get home late!

  5. Catching up with the blogs while waiting for the plumber and avoiding that synopsis re-write. Well if I start and get into it he’ll turn up and I’ll be annoyed at losing my flow!

  6. Hi Jackie,

    Love your comments on eharlequin by the way. I could tell by your writing style with even those brief exchanges you were a NZ chick. I’m originally from Australia but living in the US!

    I love my Kindle but wish the technology would catch up a bit faster to provide some better features. It allows me to cart around up to 2000 books (not that I have anywhere near that), ensure no-one knows what I’m reading and no-one sees how many books I’m really buying (think hubby). On the downside Kindle is proprietary and there is that challenge. I do miss the page turning sometimes and the bath thing; I’m with you. I haven’t been game enough yet to try it in the bath. My luck and I’d drop it. Bye bye books.

    I’m finishing the review/polish on the manuscript for which I submitted a requested partial to Harlequin. It’s going. Barely.

  7. Ahh Jackie, you honey! Gush away about my heroes and I’m sure I’ll be returning the favour soon enough…

    Do let me know what you think of Mac and Juno’s story. I sweated blood over this one (those two just would not do what they were told), but I think it was worth it in the end.

    Heidi xx

  8. Ah Veronica, this place is teeming with ex librarians! How funny. My last job was in a law library and that wasn’t too bad. I’m with you on the spine issue though.

    Romy – the trials of working at the day job huh? Keep thinking of Greece!

    Lorraine – was he a sexy plumber? Maybe he could give you inspiration? πŸ˜‰

    Hi Kailey! Yep, guilty as charged re being a Kiwi chick. Go the downunder girls! We kind of rock I reckon. I wish we could get Kindles here but sadly Amazon hasn’t seen fit to ship it anywhere else. And I did wonder about the ebooks being proprietry – which I find a nuisance. Good luck with the partial and well done with getting a request!

    Oooh, thanks Heidi! Will definitely let you know how it reads – judging by the cover (I know, I know, call me shallow) it’s going to be Fab. U. Lous. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m a huge Heidi fan too and I’m practically building a shrine waiting for Mac’s release!

    I confess I’m not an ebook convert. I have some but I still the good ol’ fashion paperback πŸ˜›

  10. Am sooo envious that you will be reading both Kelly & Heidi’s books – have been waiting for both since both of their last books… Ok off the topic – gonna try to attack my chap one of my presents entry, have not done much writing since Hong Kong, need to get back into it. I do have a huge backlog of books (about 10) Attacked the book depository and now credit card is steaming…

  11. Lacey, I can safely say it’s worth the wait. Halfway through already and it’s great.

    Hey Janette, welcome back. Hope you had a great time in HK. Good luck with the chapter.

  12. I’m working on getting the conflict right for my presents entry. I hope i’m getting there :s

    I downloaded my first ebook from eHarlequin – Heidi’s book, and it is so GOOD! But i must admit that i love paperbacks, love the feel of the pages, love that i can walk around with it. My computer is much too big to cart around the house while i read, i mean tidy up after the kids πŸ˜‰

  13. Conflict is tricky, Kerrin. It’s taken me nearly a year to get a handle on good internal conflict and I’m still learning.
    It’s true that nothing beats print. It’s also true that Heidi’s book is great!

  14. Love the idea of e-books, but in reality can never read anything I’ve downloaded. Have a new laptop, so don’t think it’s my technology to blame, rather my Luddite tendencies. Ah well, will convince myself there’s nothing like snuggling down with a real book in any case.


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