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Jackie Ashenden

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A Vow to Redeem the Greek

They must wed! But as man and wife, will their heated attraction be allowed to reign free? Find out in this convenient wedding romance from Jackie Ashenden.

“I do” will bind them…
But can it free him?

Elena’s adoptive father’s dying wish is to be reunited with his estranged son, Atticus. Whatever it takes, she must track down the reclusive billionaire. When she finally finds him, she’s completely unprepared for the wildfire raging between them!

After catastrophically losing control years ago, Atticus vowed it would neverhappen again. But their intense connection pushes Atticus to his limits. And when his father’s will demands they marry, his rigorous self-discipline implodes… In becoming his wife, can Elena save Atticus from the biggest danger of all—himself?