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Jackie Ashenden
Black Sheep Bounty Hunter

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Black Sheep Bounty Hunter

Texas Bounty #6

He’s the last man she wants to ask for help. And he’s her only hope…

Lily Hammond, AKA Duchess, owner of Duchess Bail Bonds, is the toughest woman around. Yet when a blackmailer proves even tougher than she is, she’ll have to swallow her pride and get help from her biggest rival. The one man who gets beneath her cool exterior and makes her burn with rage…and desire.

Quinn Redmond wants two things from life: to pull his bounty hunting business out of the red and his own way. As the boss of Texas Bounty, he always gets one, and is starting make headway with the other. But for months now he’s been obsessed with getting under the competition’s prim and proper pencil skirts. Now she’s come to him for help, and apparently ‘help’ doesn’t include exploring the chemistry that burns between them both.

But as the enemy closes in, the heat ramps up. In Lily, Quinn might have finally found a woman tough enough to handle his demons. But unless they move fast, they might not live long enough to see the future….

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