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Jackie Ashenden

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Having Her

The Lies We Tell #2

Winner of Best Erotic Romance 2014 – All About Romance Reader Poll

She’s just waiting for the right man…to make her his sub. 

After growing up in foster care Kara is careful to keep the world at arm’s length. With one unintended consequence: she’s a twenty-five year old virgin. After a series of failed one night stands, Kara is starting to think she’s hopeless. Enter Vin Fox, her best friend’s older brother, and the most unlikely candidate on the planet.

Vin Fox just wants a nice, normal life after his tumultuous upbringing. Too bad the things he wants to do to his little sister’s best friend are anything but nice and normal. The heat that flares between himself and Kara might be fifty shades of f*cked up, but it works for both of them, so they make a deal: he plays master to her slave, and then they both move on.

But when their game results in permanent consequences, Vin decides he has to make Kara his. For keeps.

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