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Jackie Ashenden
Hollywood Blackmail

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Hollywood Blackmail

Seacliffe Medical #1

To win her back this action star will need a little blackmail…

Lizzie Kent needs to forget the past. She lives in total anonymity, immersing herself in nursing to help her forget. But when a man from her previous life turns up in her clinic, the life she’s tried to create for herself may come toppling down.

Ash knows what he wants and he wants Lizzie, the girl who left him all those years ago. As Hollywood’s greatest action superstar no one says no to him, but when Lizzie refuses to acknowledge their shared past, he has to resort to a little old fashioned blackmail.

Will Lizzie revisit her past to enable her future with the man she loves, or do old wounds run too deep?


He wore nothing but a towel around his lean hips, tawny skin sheened with moisture in a way that seemed to highlight every cut muscle of his chest and stomach. He leaned a forearm against the doorway, the flex and release of those incredible muscles mesmerizing. She couldn’t seem to drag her eyes away.

At twenty he’d been pretty incredible but eleven years later… God, he was to die for. Even his tattoo looked beautiful.

Her mouth had gone completely dry, a low burn of heat in her gut.

“Hey, sugar,” he said in that sexy, raspy voice of his. “I’m up here.”

Lizzie jerked her gaze to his face, saw the glitter of amusement in his eyes. One corner of his mouth turned up. Damn. He’d totally caught her checking him out.

She struggled not to blush. “Oh, for God’s sake. Did you practice that pose in the mirror? You’re not auditioning for an aftershave commercial, you know.”

“What? You caught me as I was coming out of the shower.”

“There are robes for your use on the back of—”

“Seriously, do I look like a robe kind of guy to you? You’re lucky I bothered with the towel.”

Hell. The direction this conversation was heading was not a direction she wanted to go. “I guess I should be grateful in that case.” She held up the bag. “Your clothes, as ordered.”

“Excellent.” He pushed himself away from the doorframe. “Bring them in.”

“I’m afraid I’m a little busy this morning. So if—”

“I said, come in.” It was not a request. “I want that conversation you promised me.”

“But I’ve got a lot of work to cover and—”

“I’ve cleared your schedule with your boss and the doc is organizing the treatment stuff to be sent to my house this morning.” He gave her a smile that had satisfied written all of it. “As from now your only job is me.”