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Oooh, exciting week in Ashenden Land!  Just got my blurb for the chessman!

One night in Bangkok changes all the rules.

Professional chess player Aleksandr Shastin never lets emotions rule his life, or his game. Not even the unexpected death of his mentor shakes his icy control—at least that’s what he thinks. Until he meets a woman in a Bangkok rooftop bar, a woman whose raw sexuality and emotional honesty find every invisible crack…and pries them wide open.

Graphic artist Izzy Cornwall fled to Thailand to escape suffocating grief and guilt after her sister’s suicide. As she locks gazes with Aleks, their instant attraction sets her on fire. And the way he looks at her makes her feel what she hasn’t felt in months: that she actually exists.

In the heat of a Bangkok rainstorm, their chemistry steams up what was supposed to be one night of pain-numbing passion. Neither expected that a single encounter would change all the rules, making Aleks the novice, and Izzy the grandmaster. But if Izzy wants his heart, she’ll have to show him that in order to win, sometimes you have to lose.

Warning: Contains one hot, controlling Russian chess master, a heroine who’s more than capable of taking him on in a game of strip chess, and a checkmate to make Kasparov proud.

Am also rather intrigued to discover that BKWQ has been deemed a ‘red hot’.  I’m not really an erotica writer (though I confess, I do write hot, obvs) but this book does have some rather intense sexy times, plus (in my lovely editor’s words) some psychological min-f*ckery. Which is always a win in my book. 😉

4 thoughts on “Black Knight White Queen Blurb”

  1. Jackie – that really is one of the best blurbs ever! Angst and heat and mind-f*ckery – what more could any reader want??

    I now though can’t get ‘One Night in Bangkok’ song out of my head. I even seem to know most of the words.

    Nina x

  2. Lol, Nina! Isn’t it fabulous?? I love it so much too. Sorry re One Night in Bangkok…actually I’m not really sorry since having that in my head was the inspiration for this book. 😉

  3. Great blurb Jackie. I have just read your new newsletter with the excerpt. It was fabulous can’t wait to read the book. I won your ‘Falling for Finn’ in a giveaway and couldn’t put it down until I finished. The characters were so believable and coupled with the sensitive handling of issues and the hot romance it was the best contemporary romance I’ve read.

    1. Oh, Jane, that’s an amazing thing to say! You’ve made me a very happy author indeed today. So glad you liked Finn. 🙂
      Also very glad you enjoyed the excerpt too – might put chapter in 2 in the next newsletter to tide people over.

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