Gwendoline Quadd

I was tidying up my disaster area of study yesterday and discovered an old note with some names on it. Took me a while to figure out what it was but then I remembered. About ten years ago, when I was but a youngster, I had an idea I’d try writing a Mills and Boon. This was greeted with much mirth by the family (we’d had a few wines) who then decided to find me a pen name. In fact 13 pen names. As follows:

Millicent Moncrieff
Winona Wycliffe
Prunella Essence
Margaret Offenburger
Olga Spratt
Mabel Tallstorei
Amelia Blyndsythe
Thomasina Pratt
Petronella Pedal
Pamela Pooch
Petronella Wibbley
Eva Glockenkoff
And my personal favourite – Gwendoline Quadd

Was I an idiot? Oh yes, indeed. Not unexpectedly, my pen name is/will be (if the gods of romance are kind) none of the above. I’m going be the relatively staid Jackie Ashenden. The Ashenden part is my mother kindly letting me use her maiden name – thanks Mum. I could use my own name which is Coates but it didn’t have enough flair. There’s my husband’s name (which I didn’t take) which is Vroegop. Maybe there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about Jackie Vroegop which I’m not aware of…? 🙂 Anyway, anyone else going to use a pen name?

4 thoughts on “Gwendoline Quadd”

  1. I’ve wondered what I’d do (think I’m a way off having to worry about it yet, but it does no harm to dream).

    Part of me would veer towards anonymity – and freedom to write those uninhibited love scenes. On the other hand, it would be quite a buz to see my own name on the cover of a published novel…

  2. Yes, I must admit, there is that. But I keep thinking that I might write something else one day (I’m a huge SF fan and am waiting for M&B to start a SF romance cateogry :-))and I want to use a different name for that.
    Still, I’ve got the Jackie part in there…

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