Hammer Pants Shoots! Hammer Pants Scores!

Ah, my Hammer Pants. How I love thee. Let me count the ways…

Okay, okay, enough waxing lyrical. What’s the news? Well, I got a nice early Christmas present in the shape of:


But that is not all, no, that is not all.



Sorry for the shouting but 2010 has been, quite frankly, a b*tch writing-wise so this is a very nice way to end it. Yep, it was for the Hammer Pants ms (for which I will now have to reinstate the beginning that I cut!), the very same one wherein I emasculated my bad boy hero in a bid to make him likeable. Grrr. Naughy Jackie. *slaps wrist*

Anyway, the request is for three chapters and a synopsis and once I send that off, plus my SYTYCW chapter, I will have THREE subs in.

Yes, I am a greedy woman. 🙂 It could, of course, all come tumbling down and I shall be once more buried under a pile of rejections, but just for now, for this week, I am going to do an MC Hammer dance in celebration.

And in fact, if you look closely at the video below, I’m sure you’ll see me somewhere in there. I’m the one in the gold pants. 😉

I also would like to say big congrats to Rach and Jo for finalling too. You both rock!

One last thing. I want you all to go along immediately to check out brand new Riva author Aimee Carson’s blog. She’s awesome! 🙂