Hoo Is Watching….

Not sure if anyone’s still reading this blog – it’s probably my fault if not. I haven’t been the world’s best blogger the past couple of months mainly because I have had four different books to write/edit, a book release, a blog tour, and a six week trip to organize. Can anyone say mental breakdown?

So anyway, this is to say that tomorrow (the 7th of June), I’ll be flying off with the family to Europe to visit the UK, Ibiza, Stockholm, and Paris. Then on to LA and Atlanta for the Romance Writers of America conference!

It’s going to be amazing and scary and awesome! Not sure how up with posting I’m going to be while I’m away but I shall try to get a few in and maybe a few jealous-making pics of me in exotic locations. Hehe.

In the meantime, I’m going to leave the blog in the capable hands of Hoo. He can watch for any rogue hackers or spammers or the like. Or he can just watch you….


4 thoughts on “Hoo Is Watching….”

  1. You are going to be in the UK? Actually in the UK? Wow! But this is fantastic. Wait – you probably have like a thousand people to visit, yes? If the answer is no, and I haven’t appeared like a really weird stalker, let me know!

    1. Hey Eve, sorry, I haven’t checked the blog for the past week but yes, we’ll be in the UK for two weeks starting 22nd of June. I’ll be in London till the 26th and then we’re driving to Wales. Where are you??

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