It’s Not Over Yet

Thanks to the lovely Jo Dixon, I see that there are more chances to get a critique of your New Voices chapter. To enter the draw go here.

Also it looks as if the eds will be posting the names of authors they want to see more from in the next week. I’m hopeful IT Girl will be asked for though I haven’t heard anything from the editor I’m working with so far. I do have another alternative to submit and – while I’ve been away – I’ve had another idea for a new story. Hehe.

Decided I’m also going to try something a bit different. My Frenchman, which was initially Modern Heat, I’m going to rewrite for Modern. It was always more Modern than MH anyway but think it might be good discipline to try a different line. I know, it’s not that different but hey, baby steps.

So, what’s everyone going to do with their NV chapters then?

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  1. I fully support you giving Modern a try! Then we really will be shelf buddies. 🙂 It’s a fabulous line, and I can’t wait to read it, and see your take on it. 😀 I think it will incorporate your ability to write alpha males, engage in hero torture…and do it with humor and flair. 😉

    I also have high hopes for IT girl!

  2. Maisey – thanks m’dear! Well, I have your wonderful example to follow. Not entirely sure I’ll be able to pull it off but will give it a damn good go. Bring on the hero torture. Hehe.

  3. I have high hopes for IT Girl too – I WANT to read more!!

    Good luck for the Modern attempt. I think you can nail it. And at the very least you’ll flex some writing muscles trying!

  4. The whole NV thing is a form of sweet torture isn’t it?
    I’ve thrown my name in the hat for the critique… so have to wait to see if I get drawn for that.
    Add to that the waiting to see if we make the ‘we want more’ list… arrghh, the suspense is too much.

    In some ways I don’t want to know. What if my name doesn’t even make that list ??!!!

    Jackie, glad to see you’re motivated and moving. I’ve always felt a strong affinity for MH.. but having just read Maisey’s book, my bias is being swayed. Modern is fabbo !!

    Hope to see you all on the ‘nearly-there’ list next week!

  5. LOL Maisey! I love a girl who doesn’t hide the thrill of getting praise. Cling, wallow in the accolades – you deserve it! Can’t wait to read your next book… and the one after that… and the one after that… keep ’em coming 🙂

  6. It sounds like a great idea Jackie. I can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂 I’m hoping we get to see IT Girl on the bookshelves next to Maisey too! Are you entering IT Girl in the critique?

  7. Bec – yeah, I hope so. But then I did think I might get through to the next round so my optimism has taken a hammering.
    An attempt at Modern will be what it will be. Whether I succeed will be a whole other ball game. 😉

    Jo – torture is right. I’ve just about reached the end of my tether with it. I didn’t put my name down mainly because I already have editor contact – don’t want someone who doens’t to miss out. Anyway, I have those same fears Jo. What if IT Girl doens’t make that list? Does that mean all those people liking it are wrong? Does it mean I’m barking up the wrong tree too? Sigh.
    Yeah, my natural voice is MH but my heroes continue to be on the very alpha side so I thought I’d go with it and see what happens. I love a lot of angst too 🙂

    Lacey – I’m hoping you get called for Angry Blog Man too! Cause I SO want to read that. As to the crit, no, I’m not. For the reaons above.

  8. Lacey – you’re a sweetie. I’m going away on Sunday again though so I won’t be around for another week or so. Net access will be nearly non-existant but I was able to use the iPhone at least last time so maybe I’ll be able to get my email. I hope so – can’t survive without the web. *sobs*

  9. I’ve put my NV chapter (Line of Fire) into the crit pool as well. It’s also already subbed in the Brenda Novak contest from back in May, so I’ll be curious to see what happens with that next month. I’m very interested to see who’s going to get requests from the NV editors. I have a few names I expect to see on that list. Ahem. Jackie. 😉


  10. Hey, JT! So nice to see you here! Thanks for dropping by. I loved Line of Fire – so shocked not to see it in the top ten. Good luck with that contest – keep me posted huh? I’ll be looking for your name in that list too. 🙂

  11. Go IT girl! Am really hoping I’m on that list too but as you know I’ve already been cheeky and asked the ed I’ve been working with if I can sub my partial to her now and so that’s what I’ll be doing with my NV entry 🙂

  12. Yep, it’s a great opportunity for us to get a critique and keeping fingers crossed that my name will pop up on the request for more list. But, at the same time, if my name *isn’t* on that list I don’t really want to know either!

    I also want to see more of IT girl, so let’s hope that the eds are on the same page as all your readers who absolutely LOVED it! And yay to trying something new 🙂

  13. I’m in the same boat as you Jackie, am hoping to get some feedback from the ed so won’t be putting my name in the hat too.
    I’m going to revise the chapter beforehand first though – Heidi gave me lots to think about and I can see changes I want to make already.

  14. Hi Jackie – put my name in the hat – along with the other 800 do you think!?!!

    Fingers crossed IT girl gets the nod – it deserved to be. Caroline x

  15. Definitely expecting to see your name on the list next week, and a few others who’ve posted here too! I’ll be really disappointed if they’re not cos it means I obviously have no idea what mills and boon are looking for. But I know what I like as a reader…

  16. Angie – I’ve got my fingers crossed for you too. A chance for a crit is gold. I hope you’re right re IT Girl.

    Jo P – Yay for Heidi eh? Have you asked the ed if you can sub yours yet? Any response? I still haven’t heard from mine. 🙁

    Caroline – yay for you! Did you do it? Yep, you got to be in it to win it. Thanks re IT Girl.

    Susan – thank you m’dear. I hope IT Girl is asked for. If she’s not, I’ll be thinking the same as you – I officially have no idea what they want.

  17. I really hope IT Girl’s on the list – really, really, really want to read the rest of it.

    I’ve said goodbye to my chapter and it’s in the ‘under the bed’ part of my c drive. But I did put my name in the hat. The chance to win editor feedback was too good to miss (even if it will be public – gulp).

    Have a lovely time away.

  18. For the first time in my life I’m jealous of someone who DOES NOT have Internet access. This week has been hellishly long. I can’t believe how many times I’ve looked at the NV site for the “we want to see more” list. I need Vodka and sleep. Yes, in that order.
    : )

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