Mr Sheikhypants Goes Through to the Semi-Finals!

In keeping with the Olympic theme of the post before, before last, I’m delighted to announce that Mr Sheikypants, the Presents ms that I won a pitch with on eHarlequin, has had a full request! *happy dances*

Needless to say I am thrilled. It’s been a while since M&B have asked for a full from me so I’m feeling extremely pleased with myself. There are still a few issues with the partial which I’ll have to address but since the ed was absolutely clear about what they were, I’m hoping fixing the problem won’t be too much of a mission.

But I’m feeling just a tad overwhelmed since the ms requires quite a bit of rewriting – which I will have to fit in with my contracted stuff for Entangled and my next Samhain submission.

Never rains but it pours eh? So let that be a lesson to you all, you have to be ready whatever happens because when it happens, it HAPPENS!

PS: will be announcing the winner of Michele’s book soon – leave a comment on the previous post to be in with a chance. Will draw names on Saturday!