Not Looking

Nope, not looking my manuscript until next week. I am officially sick of it. I wonder if published authors feel this way just before they send off something?

Anyway, Christmas will be the perfect break – especially as we are going to up north to the family holiday home, which is on the beach (see picture right). It would be nice, just once, to have a white Christmas but unless the gods of weather have a complete and utter fit, it’ll be sun and sand for Christmas Day.

Happy Christmas everyone.

2 thoughts on “Not Looking”

  1. Hey Jackie

    Think being sick of your mss is totally normal. I finally heard about mine, so can’t wait to get stuck into revisions!

    Have a great Christmas.

    PS. Will get my butt into gear and put you on my blogroll soon 🙂

  2. Yay, Rach! I was wondering how you were getting on. So they finally got back to you huh? Hope you don’t have too many heinous changes…

    And hope you had a good Christmas.

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