Nothing to Say So Here’s a Picture of a Man Instead

Iam feeling generally unenthused about everything at the moment, most especially writing. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I always write. Every day, mostly. But the writing has become a bit of a battle lately and nothing’s going right.

So to save you all from a fantastic vent, I am posting a nice pic of a nice man instead. I’ve posted him before but I think he’s worth a second glance. He is my inspiration for my chessplayer hero, which I am now in the process of rewriting from Riva to Presents. And considering how much easier it is to write as a Presents, it probably means I’ve been aiming this story at the wrong line.


10 thoughts on “Nothing to Say So Here’s a Picture of a Man Instead”

  1. Rach – no picture?? Wah!! I had ENORMOUS problems posting it so maybe there’s something wrong with it. Bah. *curses Blogger*
    If not, just Google David Gandy. Any pic will do…;-)

  2. I hope you feel more enthused soon Jackie. I know the feeling and it’s a downer, sucking at motivation and stopping the words from flowing.

    All the best with shifting your story to Presents. It’s great that you’ve found a better home for the chessman! I’ve found myself in the wrong lines before, I think because I pick what line I want to write, and then develop a story around that, rather than developing a story and then putting it in the most appropriate line. I THINK I’ve learned my lesson now, but who knows? 🙂

  3. Madeline – so do I. 🙂 Actually, I don’t know if THAT will be its home. I just know that the light, sassy style I was writing it in didn’t suit the conflict AT ALL. My hero is too dark for sass. Plus he doesn’t flirt so that’s that for Riva. 🙂

  4. Wot no David Gandy? Was it the shot with the glasses by any chance? I can’t see him!

    Chin up chick. Writing is a business of hard knocks, then encouragement, then another few knocks… you need teflon armour to survive sometimes, don’t you?


  5. No picture – but no matter! I’ve just “dreamed” my ideal hero – Hugh Jackman in a towel – you know the one – EVERYONE knows that one! ;o) Caroline x

  6. Joanne – hopefully I’ve fixed the problem now! Stupid Blogger!!
    If you manage to find some teflon armour, let me know. 🙂

    Caroline – no, I don’t know the one. You’ll have to send it to me. 😉

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