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Okay, so things in Ashenden world aren’t so great. On the up side, I have nearly finished my novella. And when I mean novella, I mean the-little-story-I-thought-would-be-20k-at-most-that-ended-up-being-47k novella. I have no idea why this story got so out of hand. I thought it would be a nice little friends-to-lovers story, where the heroine asks the hero for help and then they have some sexy times together, work out their tiny conflict and then The End.

But no. That’s not what happened.

Layers happened. My characters ended up having more layers than a really layery onion and that’s why my nice little 20k novella ended up being a 47k monster.

You see that’s what happens when you dig deep. You kind of chip away at the surface conflict and suddenly you see, ooh, bright and shiny, MORE conflict. The REAL conflict. So you start digging away into that and then suddenly you realise that’s NOT the real conflict. So you keep going. But wait, there’s MORE! And then, another 20k later, you finally get to the real, ACTUAL conflict.

Stupid characters.

Anyway, I started out writing this for fun. As a way to do something different and because I wanted to write what I really love writing, which I guess you could say is short length Single Title. Short length cos I hate sub-plots and secondary characters (hence why I like writing category) but not category so I don’t feel constrained by language/hawt stuff restrictions. I don’t know what to call it really. Dark, angsty category? Dirty, dark, angsty category?? Whatever, the great thing about it is that I really, really liked writing it. Loved. And I hesitate to say it wrote itself but…well, it kind of did. It felt like finally all the stuff I’ve been learning about character and plot and conflict came together naturally and became part of my process without me having to worry about it. I didn’t even really think too hard about the conflict, I just sat and wrote and it all came out.

So, I’m not quite sure what to do with it now. I do love my dyslexic, extreme sports loving hero and my rather buttoned up lawyer heroine so maybe I’ll end up subbing them some place. But one thing’s for sure, I like this story. I think it’s good. I think it deserves to be read and I think people should pay me money to read it. πŸ˜‰

Have you written anything different lately? Have you written anything you really totally love that you want people to pay you to read?

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  1. Good for you Jackie! I have this issue-I write the book…but then don’t really know where it fits…the important thing is that you love it…is there another line that you think it might fit? Have you looked at all the lines?

  2. Victoria – I usually do it the other way round. I write a book specifcally for a line. But this is the first time I haven’t done that. It’s not really intended for any line. I suppose, if you took out all the swearing, it could be a Riva. But it’s probably too angsty and dark for Riva. The hero isn’t a millionaire so it’s not Presents or Desire. It’s too short for Blaze and I’m not sure the tone is right. It’s…um…a longish, hot, romantic novella!

  3. Nothing different. I’m STILL writing my NV story, and I’m only half way. Keep going back and rewriting and rewriting…I doubt any two words are the same from my comp entry. I’m loving the process, but it’s taking too long! I want to be published NOW *stamps foot* The hard part is suspecting that even with all this work, this story is only going to be a stepping stone towards publication. I’m learning a lot, but it’s probably not a winner. Oh, I’m doing a writing course which is different. Making me spend even MORE time rewriting…

    Hey, have you considered subbing to other publishers? Entangled maybe? Worth looking at other publishers – your avid fans (that’s us) will read it, no matter who publishes it! πŸ™‚

  4. Madeline – I hear you! And yeah, that impatience? That’s me too. Half my problem is that I’ve got to the point where I have no idea whether my stories are stepping stones or not. I keep hoping every one might be The One! So far, not. πŸ™ But anyway, good on you re the learning. We never get any better if we don’t learn and rewriting can be GOOD!
    Yes, as it happens, I have considered other publishers. Just need to figure out which one might think this novellla is okay.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that things in Ashenden world aren’t so great. I really hope they pick up for you soon.

    Congratulations on finishing your novella!!! It sounds fantastic.

  6. So I’m going to the be happy sunny friend that waves the magic wand and makes things all fairy-like.
    I plan on reading this novella after purchasing it from whatever publisher you send it to this year!
    (see I even fitted in a time limit!)Go Jackie!

  7. Sure you’ve already thought of this Jackie, but have you had a look at Entangled’s new Indulgence line… One of Entangled’s epubs just hit No1 in the B&N bestseller list and their guidelines sound like they could defo work for your novella.

    On the subject of ‘other stuff’ I’ve had a great deal of fun letting the muse go wild on a story I’m tinkering with inbetween writing for Riva… With much more swearing and snark, not sure I’ll submit it anywhere, or if it’ll even been worth submitting, but it’s fun to work outside the box sometime.

  8. Sounds like you had so much fun writing this Novella, Jackie, and the whole submission roller coaster does suck the fun out of it…

    Am ready to pay to read it, m’am..:-)

  9. Scarlet – Yay for magic wand! Thank you m’dear! I have hopes for this novella but, well, you never know…

    Suzanne – hey! One day it WILL happen! *shakes fist at sky*

    Heidi – Hi! Actually I’ve got something in at Entangled already at the moment so I’m Not Thinking About IT. Yes, I did wonder about subbing this there but it’s kind of dark and not much in the way of ‘flirty’.
    Yay you for something different! Yes, that’s how my novella started and I did have so much fun with it. Seems a shame not to send it out.

    Sri – I DID have fun writing it. Best story eva! And tell me about it re the rollercoaster. One day I’m just going to get off and that will be it.

  10. Sally – not sure the premise would work in category sadly. It’s closest to Riva probably but it wouldn’t be flirty enough and I would say it would be too dark as well.

  11. Good for you Jackie. You’ve written something you want to write without worrying about making it fit! That must feel really freeing!
    Have you though about sending it to an agent?
    Stay on the rollercoaster for a bit longer – we’d all miss you if you climbed off.
    Nina x

  12. Nina – I actually did re the agent. My problem is that it’s not category but too short for single title. And I don’t think I could send something like that to an agent. I WILL send it out though.
    And thanks re the rollercoaster. You rock. πŸ™‚

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