On Waiting

Well, here I am still waiting. It’s been two weeks since I sent off my revisions and I haven’t heard anything. Not that I’m expecting to hear soon – apparently they’re really busy over there at the moment. I was checking out the eHarlequin boards and some people have been waiting for responses on full manuscripts since July last year, so I guess I’m comparatively lucky!
Anyway, have figured that it’s been seven months since I first posted off my partial for this manuscript. And seven months appears to be fast! However right at the moment, I’m feeling comfortable with the wait – no news is good news right? In fact, for the first time, I’m really not wanting to see an email from Anna in my inbox!

While I’m waiting though, I’ve decided that I’m going to enter some more contests. The RWNZ run one for category romance writers called Great Beginnings, which involves the first 25 pages of a manuscript and a synopsis. I’ve got one completeted ms waiting so I may as well enter it. Also the Knight Agency is running a Book in a Nutshell comp that it wouldn’t hurt to enter. Only problem with that is that you have to encapsulate your book in three sentences! And I don’t know if they take category writers. But it’s better than waiting right?

Anyone else waiting for something to happen?

6 thoughts on “On Waiting”

  1. No news is definitely good news.

    And definitely a good idea to keep busy and enter more contests. I’d have trouble with the Nutshell one, though – three sentences? Yikes.

    Am sending good wishes and will keep everything crossed for your entries (not that you need it).

  2. Nothing like a bit of practice to hone your pitching skills!

    I’ve entered a few contests and some have been worthwhile and others not. I think the important thing is not to take it all too seriously. Take what you can from hem without adding extra pressure to those already frazzled nerves.

    What is it about writers and nerves, I wonder?

  3. I think pitching is a great skill to hone – stops any tendency to overcomplicate things. Not that I’m saying you in any way overcomplicate anything 😉

    Any distraction is useful, I reckon.

  4. I’m not waiting for anything … other than for myself to finish the WIP! Then it is going off to the New Writers’ Scheme.

    I am kind of excited thinking about someone reading my work, but totally petrified at the same time.

    You’re at a great place, Jackie, but I’m not sure how you are staying sane. Waiting is not one of my stronger points.

  5. Romy – that’s great advice actually. I think as long as you enter the contests that target what you’re writing then they’re useful.

    Lorraine – distraction is the name of the game at the moment!

    Joanne – I’m lousy at waiting too. Can’t you tell? You’ll get some great advice from the New Authors scheme, I’m sure. Nervewracking but useful.

    Not doing that Knight Agency pitch now. I don’t think they want short category novels – books under 70k aren’t deemed long enough. Sigh. Better get out there and write that single title. 😉

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