Sad News – Sandra Hyatt

I’m going to continue to my round-up of the RWAus Conference and then pass on some good stuff from the RWNZ conference too but I just wanted to mark the passing of Desire author, Sandra Hyatt.

I didn’t know Sandra well but often had great chats to her at our Auckland chapter group meetings. In fact, I did a blog post not two weeks ago about our last meeting, where she talked about essence and identity – a subject that gave me a number of lightbulb moments about my WIP. Afterwards I had a chat to her about Desire and whether or not I should send something there, and she was so lovely and encouraging. Then she confessed that she was almost going to tell me that I was close [to selling] but that she wouldn’t because she’d always hated it when people had said it to her. 🙂 I still remember laughing about that.

But what I’ve also been thinking about today is how she told us a little bit about the story she was working on. It sounded so different and fresh, and it’s just so sad that this story will remain untold, as will all the other stories she had yet to write.

When something sudden like this happens you do kind of evaluate life and where you’re heading. You think about your dreams. About what you want to achieve. About what’s holding you back.

And I think the main thing that’s come out of this for me built on what Jane Porter said at the closing of the RWAus conference a couple of weeks back…

Your stories are yours. No one else can write them for you. No one else can write them like you can. You own them. And if you don’t get them down, they will remain untold.

Don’t let them remain untold.

Deepest sympathies go out to Sandra’s family and friends, and to the rest of the RWNZ

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  1. I was gutted to hear about Sandra Hyatt and I think your post is a beautiful memorial to her! I agree that things like this make us evaluate our own lives and yes, writing is important to me but this also makes me realize it’s not the be-all-and-end all. Life is so precious. I want to embrace it and that means writing AND lots of other things 🙂

  2. That’s a lovely post in Sandra’s memory, Jackie. I know I’ll continue to treasure her books and I like to think she’ll live on through her stories.

  3. Lacey – she tried for 10 years to get published and she got there in the end. She was and will continue to be an inspiration for me to keep at this. And yes, exactly that re her stories. I’m just going to sit down and read one of hers now.

  4. Robyn, thanks my dear sister. We do need the hugs.

    Joanne – thank you very much. Always tough to know what to say but…just felt I had to say something.

  5. Jackie, you’ve said it beautifully. And as Lacey mentioned, her stories keep a piece of her here. Her passion, her inspiration, her dreams.

    This makes me aware of how precious each day, each moment is. I found myself extra grateful for my boys’ smiles and my daughter’s curls today. For my family and friends.

    My deepest sympathies to her family, friends and RWNZ.

  6. Maisey – thanks my other dear sister. It does remind you of the preciousness of life huh? And I love the way you put her stories keeping a piece of her here. It’s so true.

  7. Such a lovely post Jackie and a moving trbute to a very talented writer. When I sold last year Sandra sent me a lovely email of congratulations. Things like this make us all sit up and take notice of what is important in life. And Sandra will always be remembered by her books.

  8. Very sad news but what a lovely tribute. Her books will be her legacy and people like you who met her will keep her memory alive.

  9. I was heartbroken to hear about Sandra. I never met her, but she seemed like such a lovely person on-line and everyone who knew her had great things to say about how dear she was.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. Such a sad time.

  10. Helen – thanks so much. Yes, Sandra was very generous like that.

    Maya – thanks. As a writer she did leave a pretty awesome legacy. As I’m sure she did with her family and friends too.

    Scarlet – thanks m’dear.

    Cat – yes, she was very dear. Hugs to all Desire-abelles.

    Caroline – thanks Caroline.

    Wendy – thank you!

  11. Jackie, what a moving post.

    I wish I had had the pleasure of meeting Sandra, it’s clear she was a very special lady as well as being a wonderful writer.

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