Ten Ways to Make Your Heroine Suffer

1. Give her a hero who is the antithesis of everything she believes in. (He’s arrogant and uncaring. I hate him).
2. Make him absolutely physically irrisistable to her. (But man, he’s soooo hot! Hateful male)
3. Give him one (or more) qualities that she can’t help but admire (He’s so arrogant! But…he really loves puppies and I can’t but like a man who loves puppies).
4.Make him get in the way of her goal. (I want to be head of the corporation! Why is he so determined to stop me? Hateful male!)
5. Have him do something for her changes the way she thinks about him. (Oh he’s such an arrogant SOB. I hate him! But then, he donated all that money to the puppy shelter to keep it running…)
6. Make her fall in love with him. (I hate him so much! But the puppies…wait!…No!….I can’t!….Noooooooo!!!)
7. Have him refuse to talk about his feelings (Why doesn’t he want to talk about this? I can’t understand it. Doesn’t he know how important it is?? Hateful male).
8. Have him do something that makes her think he hasn’t changed after all (he’s completely destroyed my chances of promotion! Why would he do that?? Why do I STILL love him! Hateful male etc..)
9. Get her to make her declaration of love to him only to have it come flying back at her – because of course, it’s all got to be on her terms. (He didn’t want my ultimatum that I’ll marry him only if he stops standing in my way of promotion? What? Why not? Hateful, arrogant male. Why do I still love him? Why???)
10. Make her realise that he isn’t the only one who needs to change if she wants to be with him. (Wait! Is being with him more important than being the head of the corporation….? Uh oh…)