Following Heidi’s inspirational video (lord the Modern Heat authors know what they’re doing if this is their inspiration!) , I thought I might put one up of my own. I keep seeing this on TV and every time I see it I think, ‘yes, that’s what the attraction between the h&h has to be like!’.

Except of course, the end of this video isn’t the way I’d personally end this particular scene, if you know what I mean. 😉

Oh and Kelly and Heidi’s new books? Three words: Fab. U. Lous. Heroes to die for. Yummmo.

16 thoughts on “Attraction”

  1. Inspiration galore!

    I’ve had multiple views of Heidi’s video.
    May go back for more after I hit replay on this one again…and again.

  2. Advertising at it’s best – the researcher in me wants to write a survey to test its effectiveness, but by the comments already here, looks like a hit…

    Cool post Jackie – my Kelly book will be here in a week or so (have it on pre order), but Heidi’s wont get to me for a while yet… prob a good thing, will make me focus on my revisons…sorry, i know that comment is getting over used…

  3. Jackie, this video just reinforces something I learned (strangely enough) by watching Dancing with the Stars this past week. One of the stars was having trouble understanding how to add the sexual tension to the samba she and the dance pro were doing, so the dance pro brought in his wife to help. His wife said, and I quote, “It’s all about eye contact. The eye contact builds the sexual tension.” It certainly did with this video, too.

    Oh, and the Dancing with the Stars couple did outstanding and got highest marks from the judges after this sexual tension intercession took place.


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