Calm the $%* Down – Tips for the Over-Optimistic Writer

I am an optimist. No, really, I am. “But you run your subs down ALL the time!” I hear my CPs shout. It’s true, I do that. But that’s just a cunning front. Because deep inside, I am an honest to God, genuine, over-the-top optimist. And not in a ‘I think my sub isn’t too … Continue reading “Calm the $%* Down – Tips for the Over-Optimistic Writer”

Jackie Is In the House

Back again from the hell that was the beach with no internet access…. Okay, so it wasn’t entirely hell but being separated from my lovely net was definitely no picnic. At least I had the iPad. You do know how much I love this thing right? I’m calling it Brad on Twitter since every time … Continue reading “Jackie Is In the House”