Common Romance Writer Myths Busted

Over the past week or so (in between skiing trips and sending off my next book to my editor at Entangled) I have been hearing various things about romance writing and romance authors in general  – and, surprise surprise, some of it has NOT been good. Assumptions. Stereotypes. Mommy porn.  Etc, etc… You get the idea.  So I thought, for the benefit of those that may not know, I’d do my bit for busting a few myths about romance writers (the rest of us can smile quietly to ourselves…).

1. ALL my books are proper books. Some of them are even going to be published.

2. No, I probably won’t ever write ‘something else’.

3. I do not write ‘mommy porn’. Yes, my books have descriptive sexy times but that does not make them pornographic or only for mommies. Or anything like Fifty Shades of Grey.

4. I’m not just in it for the money. Yeah, I’m stoked I’ll get paid for what I do but I actually quite like writing about love.  

5. I am not a middle-aged virgin desperate for a man. 

6. I do not wear loads of blue eye shadow or loll around on a couch eating chocolates and dictating my books to a loving minion. 

7. I am not a computer churning out books according to a formula.

8. I do not ‘dash a book off’ in an afternoon in between gin and tonics.