Desperately Seeking a Title

I need a title. My Feel the Heat entry has been completely and utterly rewritten and now needs to be called something. Kate’n’Alex sounds like the title of a sitcom and although I could stick with Chasing Kate – which was the title I used for FTH – I’m not sure if it fits with the story anymore.

To show you how useless I am with titles, here is a list I came up with:

a) Chasing Kate – Again
b) The Millionaire Property Developer’s Secret Bulldozer
c) The Hippy and the Property Developer Have a Weekend of Hot Sex and Live HEA
d) For the Love of Gardening (cos there is gardening in it)

Hmmm, somehow I don’t think I’ll be using any of the above (though I do have a hankering for the secret bulldozer). πŸ˜‰
Anyway, here’s where you guys come in. Can you help me think of a title? To get you thinking, here’s a quick blurb I wrote about it:

It’s lust at first site when Kate meets Alex. Pity he’s arrogant, rude, and worse, about to buy her much loved house with the sole purpose of knocking it down. But then he offers her way out of her money woes – he’ll buy her house and let her live there, no demolishing required. For a price: one weekend with her.

Alex wants Kate like he’s never wanted anything in his life. She’s passionate and challenging, the perfect combination. But he’s not a settle-down type of guy and so there’s only one way for him to get what he wants: he’ll have her for one weekend and one weekend only. However he’ll soon find that one weekend with Kate isn’t enough. Not nearly enough…

Okay, my blurb probably sucks (I hate writing ’em) so the other things you need to know are that secret babies, brides, virgins and/or billionaires do not feature anywhere in the story. A commune, a nice vegetable garden, an island hideaway and an old Mini do.

Anyone got any good ideas??

17 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking a Title”

  1. Love the bulldozer title actually πŸ™‚

    I hate coming up with titles too. Can only think of boring ideas on the weekend theme – “For One Weekend Only” “The One Weekend Proposal” or “The Weekend Seduction”

    Starting to think Chasing Kate has a really good ring to it!

    The blurb’s really good BTW

  2. I like the bulldozer too! Yeah, I thought of the weekend thing but I’ve already got one called the One Night Stand Weekend – too much of a good thing? πŸ˜‰
    Maybe I should stick with Chasing Kate. Sigh.

    Oh, thanks re the blurb! Took me hours…

  3. I’m pretty pants at titles. They either fly or bomb…

    Property Feud, Hot Proposal

    That’s my tuppence worth! Blurb sounds amazing Jackie. I wanna read! Sounds like a winner jx

  4. Thanks re the blurb too, Judy! Maybe it’s not as sucky as I first thought…

    Like your title suggestions. I could do a kind of combo with The Millionaires Hot Property Proposal!

    I hope it’s a winner. πŸ™‚ I guess I’ll find out someday…

  5. If you don’t want to use the bulldozer then The Millionaires Hot Property Proposal! sounds great.

    My own titles are so bad they make me cringe.

    Agree with Lorraine and Judy about the blurb.

  6. Great titles, Jackie πŸ™‚ Sure put a smile on my face. And I second what the others have said – your blurb is great!

    Here’s my 2 cents:
    Bought: One Hot Weekend with the Playboy Millionaire


    Bought: One Hot Weekend for the Millionaire’s Pleasure

    Bit of a mouthful πŸ™‚

    Seriously, they’ll probably change the title when they buy your ms anyway.


  7. I like ‘The Hippy and the Developer Have A Weekend of Hot Sex and Live HEA.’ πŸ™‚ Has a certain ring to it!

    And the blurb does sound good, but I’m really not surprised.

    Sorry I can be NO help on the titles… have written too much today on too little sleep and am seriously BRAIN DEAD!

    Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

  8. Suzanne, I’m still hankering for the bulldozer – it’s better than the serious ones I come up with!

    Hi Angie! Glad you like the titles. Can you tell I prefer a joke title? πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I quite like your suggestions. The first has a certain ring to it especially! Yeah, IF the ms ever gets bought, they will change it. Guess I have to call it something in the meantime though.

    Rach, writing too much is the perfect excuse. Glad to hear it even!

  9. I love Chasing Kate, but if we are going for conformity then:

    – The Millionaires Hot Property Proposal (as already stated, sounds like a winner)

    -Bargaining with the Property Tycoon; or
    – Hot Property Tycoon, Wicked Nights (although Wicked Weekend rolls off the tongue a whole lot better)

    But seriously, you have read some of my titles (cringe worthy no doubt).

  10. They’re not at all cringe-worthy, Janette! I like Wicked Weekend. To be honest, I’m not much of a fan of the mistress/playboy/millionire/virgin titles but that’s what they like…
    Ah well, you guys have given me some fantastic ideas.

  11. The blurb sounds great. I’d pick it up.
    I’m terrible at titles.
    Um, Hot Property, Wicked nights?
    Ok, i’ll quietly return to sucking at titles now…
    Good luck with finding one you like.

  12. The thing is that once it is bought, the titile will probalby change, so just go for some thing that gives a gist.

    I am currently 2 for 12 on titles. A lot of M&B authors simply send in the book with Herone’s Name as the title.
    M&B has certain titling requirements for each line.

  13. Yes, I thought that was the case, Michelle. Funny what you say about some writers just calling it by the name of the heroine – when I save my document, that’s exactly what I call it! As an unpubbed author though, I thought I’d better make an effort when it comes to subbing.

    Different titling requirements for different lines? I didn’t know that. I mean, I’m aware of the kind of preferred titles for Modern, but not for other lines.

  14. Yes each line has its own key words. For example you will find CInderella in Romance titles but not Modern. Desire’s titles are slightly different from Moderns as well. Cowboy is more likely to appear in either a Romance or a Desire than a Modern.
    It is complicated. Just put something with a hook on and know that they will change it. Although I am now sending in lists of possibilities after my editors asked for help…And an author is all about providing the content, the PTB are responsible for the marketing.

  15. Gosh, thanks for the info Michelle. That’s really interesting. I guess it all depends on where the market for each line lies.
    Yes, I agree re providing the content. If you can write the story, you should be able to provide a title. Which is slightly ironic when I’m asking everyone for help! πŸ™‚

  16. The Property Deveoper’s Mistress

    He he I am the utimate in sucky tites!! Ooh with that key not working that was neary a rude word. Time for bed … getting daft …

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