Getting Rid of the Box

So, have now rewritten chapters 2 and 3 – they’re totally different to all versions of this ms. It’s actually now a completely different story to the one I initially submitted. The only things that have remained the same are the names, the hero being a venture capitalist, the heroine’s love of photography and the fact that it’s set in London. Their backgrounds too I guess but because the conflict is much better now, the characters’ reactions are totally different to what they were like in the initial sub.

The other problem I’ve run into is that I’ve also been constrained by earlier versions of this ms. This is when revisions can be such a b*tch. You change it, but not enough and the old reactions are in there, the old plot. Which now doesn’t work. Sigh. I didn’t want to have my big love scene too early – which was in the old plot – and so fell into the trap of making my characters do what I wanted, not why they wanted. There was no reason to keep them apart except for me not wanting them to get together…cue plot device. Luckily I have now given them their head and they are following their natural inclinations which is a happy holiday fling. Needless to say, it will not end up being a happy, holiday fling. They have conflicts which mean that flings are fine, love is not. Guess what’s going to happen?

Anyway, have now got rid of the old plot that was boxing my characters in. Now, hopefully, the plot will happen much more naturally. At least, that’s the plan! Going to submit my next couple of chapters to the ed this week so we’ll see how it goes. But first, my old nemesis the synopsis…
Anyone want to write it for me??

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  1. Um, pass on the synopsis writing front….
    Sounds like you’re going great guns, so to speak. I found that my best ‘revisions’ have come from starting from scratch effectively, but letting the old stuff go id HARD!

  2. Becca- aw, please? I’ll pay you! Lol! I’ve got better at letting go of old stuff – especially when I know the old stuff hasn’t worked.

  3. Glad to hear things are going well Jackie.

    And best of luck with the synopsis… You couldn’t pay me to write it either cos I hate the buggers!!

    To give you an idea I dashed off what was supposed to be a brief outline of my new WIP to send to my agent last week and it ended up being 10 pages long…. Arghhh!! And this for a romance that basically takes place over a bank holiday weekend. My hint, concentrate on the conflict and only put in elements of the plot when they relate to it… And when it turns out to be ten pages long anyway start tearing your hair out.

    H x

  4. Heidi – Sure I couldn’t tempt you? I’ve got at least $500 in my bank account. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lol!! Sorry, I was laughing with you, you know that right?? I’ve already written a five page, single spaced synopsis so far – and half of that’s wrong now too – so I’m getting on towards the 10 page mark. My problem is figuring out what they ‘do’. Is it too self aware? Is it not aware enough?? Argh!! I’m getting near the hair tearing stage, let me tell you but thanks for the hint. Good luck with yours!

  5. Great news, we knew you’d succeed! And even greater news that you can sub again soon. That’s the spirit. Synos. Shudder, shudder! You will crack the critter.jx

  6. Hi,

    Try writing a brief blurb to describe your novel: two paragraphs – no more!

    When you’ve done that pad out where necessary. Walla!! You have a 2 page synopsis!

  7. Yayyy on getting the two chapters done! On the synopsis front, how about we do a swap? I’ll do yours, you do mine? No? Oh well, I did try, lol!

  8. Nicola Marsh did a thing on synopsis and proposals a while back. I printed both out and put them side by side to see how different they were. See if she still has it on her blog site – it might help, especially as she writes Modern Heat. Good luck Jackie – Caroline x

  9. For $500 I’ll do it. It’ll buy me my iPad….but trust me, you don’t want *me* to write your synopsis. Trust me. Trust. Me.

    I hear you re the box. It’s hard to let it all go and let your characters. Very hard. But when you do, the freedom is amazing and the MS will be too!!

  10. Sorry Jackie but there’s one hundred other horrible things I would rather do than write a synopsis. Trying to cram everything into two pages just seems impossible, but more than that, I hate the fact people can pick flaws and come back with lots of comments. They say what about this?… and what about that? And I think – read the whole story and then you’ll know!

  11. Judy – Thank! Yeah, hate the synopsis too. I have no idea what happens in my story!

    Francine – great tip, thanks! It’s the emotional development of the last half that’s getting me at the moment. Perhaps I’m complicating it.

    Lacey – if only it was!

    Maya – um…*thinks about it*…no. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maisey – sorry, I should have said that’s $500 Kiwi. Which is about $250 US. Not enough for an iPad. Sniff. Yeah, got no problem with ridding mysel of the box. I wish I’d realised earlier that’s what was holding me back!

    Caroline – yay, another tip for me! Thanks!

    Susan – yeah, that’s it isn’t it? People say it’s the first three chapters that counts, but having had a lot of synopses pulled apart by editors, I can’t be cavalier with it. Hence the angst.

    Suzanne – thanks for the hugs. Time to dive in again I guess. Wish me luck!

  12. Yes! I will write your synop for $500 of your lovely Kiwi dollars. Anyone else want me to write theirs for them?

    Not saying they’ll be any good, but I’ll write ’em!!

    Seriously, well done on getting out of your box and the work flowing. Best of luck with your sub, we’re all rooting for you. In a totally British, non rude way of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Kerrin – ๐Ÿ˜‰ Why does no one want to write my synop for me??

    Joanne – oh, yay, someone does! Sadly I’ve now already written it. Thanks! Wouldn’t want any Kiwi type rooting. That’s for the books.;-)

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