Hammer Pants Get a Prize

The rollercoaster has been up and down this year, mostly down it has to be said, so I was pretty pleased to be told last night that the MC Hammer Pants ms finalled in the RWAus High Five contest. Apart from Feel the Heat two years ago, I’ve done poorly in most contests I’ve entered. Often I get a couple of judges who loved the entry but also one who HATED it. So this time I appear to have lucked in. Very happy about it but also extremely surprised because I was sure the ms wouldn’t get anywhere at all.

Anyway, the High Five consists of the first five pages of an ms (no synopsis – guess why I entered??) so I’m not sure if that’s enough to warrant a request but I would be very happy if so. There is one problem with a request however. I have changed the beginning of the story completely since I sent off the entry! Argh!! Not sure whether to continue with it the way it is now or not.

Oh well, will wait and see what happens. In the meantime there’s my SYTYCW submission which I’m tearing my hair over since it’s a little something different, plus the wait on my MH chapter and synopsis. Crossing fingers that perhaps the rollercoaster will continue its upward climb…

How’s the rollercoaster doing for everyone else?

PS. Big congrats also to my lovely CP Rach and my lovely blog friend Jo Dixon who also finalled.

20 thoughts on “Hammer Pants Get a Prize”

  1. I’m so thrilled for you, Jackie! Roll on request! And just don’t worry about it!

    My rollercoaster has been pretty good this year, I must say. I am not clutching the bar with terror though, cuz I’m on space mountain and can’t see what’s next…LOL.

  2. Maisey – not holding out for a request but I’m happy to final. πŸ™‚ Sadly I have never been to space mountain but I’m glad your rollercoaster has been a good one!

  3. I think I just went through the splashdown bit on the rollercoaster, lol.

    But way to go on your prize! I hope you’re able to work on it further and send it out somewhere. Good luck!!

  4. WOHOO – such lovely company to be in!!! I absolutely LOVED your entry and hadn’t realised it was the one you’d referred to as MC HAMMER PANTS – lol!
    Good luck! As long as we both place – I’ll be stoked!

  5. Bec – thanks!

    Jane – Thanks too! And HUGE congrats to you!! That’s some splashdown!

    Rach – Yeah, it is the Hammer Pants ms. Luck to you too, m’dear. Yours is going great guns!

    Susan – thanks! Hope you’re surviving your wait okay.

  6. It’s just a little bit thrilling, isn’t it ?!

    I’ve been so utterly blah about writing recently (so blah that even sending emails or responding to blog posts was too much to contemplate), then the Congrats email came through from RWAus and I got a thoroughly satisfying rush of the woo-hoos.

    Then to hear I’m up with you and Rachael puts a smile on my face… what great company to be in.

    I’m not expecting a request from this, since the entry was my NV entry… albeit severely tweaked and cut. But HMB UK have seen this before and they didn’t want it then, so…

    Still, getting fab scores and making the final is a nice little pat on the back, isn’t it. Might even be enough to propel me back into writing. I’m just going to try to be a little less obsessive than I was.

  7. Jo – awww, big hugs on the feeling blah. I so know how that goes. October was like that for me and only slowly getting myself out of it now. So yeah, it’s great news and a good boost eh? But look, you don’t know what they’ll say about a request. Keep an open mind. And good luck with trying to be less obsessive. Hasn’t worked for me! πŸ™‚

  8. It’s the luck of the Hammer pants!! HUGE congrats to Jackie, Rachel, and Jo!!

    Way to go ladies!!

    Space mountain . . . *insert twilight zone voice* Picture, if you will, high rates of speed, almost complete darkness, with just enough light for you to see the track above you. And the feeling of absolute certainty that the track is low enough to decapitate you at any moment. Hmmm, come to think of it, it IS a lot like writing.


  9. Yayyy, happy to hear Hammer Pants got a prize! Well done, you! And good luck with SYTYCW.

    I went through Space Mountain with my eyes closed, alternating between manical screaming and hysterical laughter so I’ll stay on terra ferma for now, thanks πŸ™‚

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