Happy 2009!

New Year here in NZ and it’s a gloriously hot and sunny day. Hard not to feel that this is going to be a good one…
We’re up north from tomorrow for another week and a bit of holiday. Manuscript is all printed out and ready for proofing, and the little PC is packed and ready to go so I can edit. Mustn’t tell all the rest of DH’s family (who will be on holiday with us) that I have my ms with me otherwise they will demand to read it. Worse, in a moment of weakness (after a few wines, let’s say) I may let them!

Note to self: must not work on fabulous new idea until present story is complete. Actually, that can be my New Year’s resolution: I should be faithful to the story I’m writing now and not go off flirting and having lots of fun with exciting new ideas…

Anyway, hope everyone has a great New Year with lots of good news for those of us who are sending or are going to send submissions out!

And for those pondering the age old question: can a man write Mills and Boon? Here is the answer

5 thoughts on “Happy 2009!”

  1. I will, Rach. I’m always interested to see what works for people and what didn’t.

    Yep, let’s hope there’s a sale for all of us eh?

    Thanks, Suzanne. You have a great 2009 too.

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