How Throwing a Tantrum Can Work

Soooo….you know how I threw an epic tantrum about how nothing was happening??  And many of you said to hang in there and things will start to move?

Well, I woke up this morning to an email from the wonderful editor at M&B about Mr Sheikhypants. They love him and his conflict (yay me for getting the hero right for once!) but the heroine needs a little more work. Best of all I got a great list of the issues that were of concern and some ways to tackle them. So thrilled! They were actually things I was feeling a little doubtful about anyway so it’s great my instincts were spot on. I have to tweak the partial and send back as they were keen to see how I dealt with it.

As you know, my subs with M&B haven’t worked out in the past couple of years so I’m beyond pleased that a) my voice works for Presents and b) they like my hero.   Oh and c) it’s not NO!

Have already sorted out how I can make my heroine’s conflict stronger which will make her pursuit of the external goal stronger too. And everything will tie in together and it will be wonderful and rainbows and unicorns and flying ponies shall flourish. 🙂

Here’s to finally getting out of the quicksand! Clearly I need to throw tantrums more often.

Oh and you know how I’ve been waiting in the supermarket? I’ve actually been in a couple of other supermarkets too and now I’ve finally reached the checkout and my goods are being rung up and bagged as we speak. 😉

18 thoughts on “How Throwing a Tantrum Can Work”

  1. Huge yay on the revisions, Jackie!

    And as for going through checkout at your other grocery store…told you so.

  2. Aimee – thank you so much!

    Maisey – And thank you too m’dear. Also…hehe. I even got a hunky guy to carry my groceries and escort me to my car. 😉

  3. Hooray, Jackie!! That is EXCELLENT news. Fingers crossed for you. You have been persevering and that says a lot about your commitment and professionalism. Keep us posted!

  4. Caroline – thank you so much!

    Sally – thank you my lovely!

    Rach – Lol! Big hugs to you too m’dear. hehe. *iz subtle*

    Kate – ah, thanks heaps! And I will!

  5. Brilliant fantastic news Jackie. Out of the supermarket and the quicksand …I knew you couldn’t be waiting for ever!!
    Hope you are celebrating!

    Nina x

  6. YAY! Huge congrats Jackie! SO happy for you 🙂

    Good luck with the revisions. It sounds like they gave you plenty of guidance, which is fabulous. Must admit, am very curious about these other checkouts that you’re being served at…should I know from previous posts what this really means??? Either way, sounds exciting too!

    Madeline x

  7. Nina – I am! Shaking off the quicksand and hustling out of the supermarket as we speak. Here, have some Moet. 🙂

    Jo – Lol!!! Yeah people, like, don’t crowd me. There’s more than enough to go round. Ahem.

    Madeline – thank you so much! As to the other checkouts…*looks inscrutable* 😉

  8. Hurray for hunky supermarket helpers and for editors who (eventually) read and love our work! Yayyy, I’m very thrilled for you, Jackie!

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