Last Minute Revisions on the Revisions

Have managed to hold out a week and have taken out the ms for a final read-through and to do some last minute tweaks. And I have to say that I’m completely BORED with it. I suppose that’s normal. Anyway, went to an Auckland Chapter group meeting of the RWNZ over the weekend and got some very good advice from that published authors that attend. We’re very lucky to have people like Frances Houseden, Yvonne Lindsey and Nalini Singh in our group, plus a whole slew of people who have been published by Red Sage, Samhain and Wild Rose Press. So these ladies know what they’re talking about. Their advice was gold for me, the inveterate fiddler. And basically it amounted to this: only change what the editors have told you to change and nothing else.

Right. Good. Thing is, I have changed some stuff in the last half of the ms. Okay, not changed so much as cut. And I had to do that because of the word count. I’m hoping it’s still okay! As to the rest of it, that advice was great because I was worried about some motivation here, some pacing there, timing etc, etc. But since the eds didn’t mention it, I’m not going to worry! Woohoo.

Which leaves me with finishing these tweaks in the next couple of days. And then I shall have the dilemma of waiting until just before the 24th of March (the deadline) to send it, or just throw caution to the winds and send it at the end of the week. Either way, I think if I have to read it one more time, I shall scream.

So, any recommendations? Send soon or wait until the deadline?

18 thoughts on “Last Minute Revisions on the Revisions”

  1. My two cents would be to send it before the deadline.

    They’ll know you took the time you needed without hurrying it and being sloppy. Now you can also show them that you work well with deadlines and don’t leave it all to the eleventh hour.

    Finally, if you can’t bear to read it again, let it go. That must mean it’s time for your fledgling to leave the nest.
    Best of luck!

  2. I like your thinking, Romy. Last time I sent it too early because I couldn’t wait to get rid of the wretched thing. But this time, I feel a lot happier with it. Maybe that will bite me on the bum but maybe not. πŸ™‚

  3. Jackie,

    At this point, and because you’re feeling so confident about it, I’d say take one final look and send it on it’s merry way. If you’ve received positive feedback from your meeting and you’re as antsy as you say you are (!)then just do it. Press send.
    Basically, I’m just to second what Romy said. You’ve done your job, now let the editors do theirs.
    Doesn’t that sound so simple, so lovely on a Monday morning???

    Irish luck in bucket loads,

  4. Aideen, I’m not sure feeling happier about it is feeling confident! πŸ™‚ It’s more a case of, well, if there’s a gaping hole here, I can’t see it. And sadly there was a gaping hole in it before and I didn’t pick that up either!

    But you’re right, maybe it’s time to let the editors have a look and decide for themselves. Either way this puppy is done and dusted (famous last words).
    Thanks for your good luck. I’ll need it.

  5. Good luck with it Jackie. I say a quick read and then send! Hurrah, get that baby out—pretzeling big time.
    I am currently dying to send a partial sub (with beloved comps slip) but holding on til book totally done. Nearly there. Ack, ack the impatience bugs are biting me hard.

  6. If you’re worried you might be tempted to fiddle with the ms it might be best to send earlier than the deadline πŸ™‚

  7. Judy, thanks for your good wishes. I think I’ll need them. BTW, you’re very patient. Especially with a comp slip! But definitely finishing the ms first is the way to go. Good luck with yours.

    Yeah, Lorraine, that’s what I’m worried about. Aaaahhhh!! πŸ™‚

  8. It’s great that you’re feeling happier with your ms this time.

    Agree with Lorraine that if you send it sooner the temptation to fiddle will be removed.

    Whenever you decide to sub, am sending positive thoughts your way.


  9. Yes I think get it sent! You’ve done so well getting the revisions done in the time limit you asked for.

    When it’s gone (although I know it won’t be totally off your mind) I bet your other work will flow quicker. Saying that, though, Old Coot seems to be flying along!!

  10. Jo, if you only knew re Old Coot! It’s actually been at that word count for the past four months! I’m in the process of revising it, taking into account everything I’ve learned from revising the present one.
    But yeah, I think I gotta send it soon. That way I can get on with the others.

  11. My ed said that editors always want things as soon as possible, and that the best thing about deadlines was that if a manuscript came in early it was a lovely bonus. If it’s done, I say send it πŸ™‚

  12. Ah, Lucy, you’ve made my night. I didn’t want it to appear like it’s rushed or anything. Right. Tomorrow I do a last read through then that puppy is out the door.

  13. As for the rushing thing, they must know that you wouldn’t be sending it in ahead of the deadline if you didn’t think you’d done your best!

  14. I guess so, Lucy. I don’t know. I have done my best but there’s always that nagging little voice that says you can do more – though what more I can do, I don’t know.

    Ack, I’m boring even myself with all this wibbling.

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