Missing Something Vital

I was thinking about my current wip last night (instead of sleeping. Bad Jackie!) and realised, abruptly, that I had forgotten a vital part of the conflict: the why.

What do I mean? Well, my heroine is a very driven lawyer and my hero is a very driven mountain climber. So far so good. But I haven’t explained why she likes law and why he likes climbing mountains. Problem? Oh yes! Their conflict revolves around neither of them wanting to give up their dreams (or what they think are their dreams) for a relationship, so having an explanation about why their dreams are so important to them would probably be a good start right? Argh! It’s quite a basic thing but I forgot totally about it. In my defence it is a manuscript that I am rewriting, using all the feedback from M&B that I’ve been given so far. Retro-fitting so to speak.

Anyway, now I have had this breakthrough, I’m hoping the rewriting will get easier. At least that’s the plan. The only other worry I have is that it’s turning out to be quite angsty. Remember how soon is soon? Well, how much angst is too much angst?

7 thoughts on “Missing Something Vital”

  1. I think that’s the mark of a professional writer – knowing that there’s something missing from the story (and knowing what you need to do to fix it). I’m still waiting and hoping that I’ll get to that stage.


  2. Aargh, the old ‘why’ question. I know we have to ask it for every character action and motivation but do you ever get to the stage where you feel like saying ‘because I said so.’?!

    Perhaps it gets easier and becomes second nature somewhere along the line…

  3. Great job on figuring out you missed something! 🙂

    As far as angst goes…I’ve read books that have it from moment one and its worked. Not always though. Just depends on so many things I guess.

    Have fun writing!

  4. Hooray for the lightbulb moment!!

    Does this mean you have a second ms virtually finished? Oooooo am so envious 😉

  5. Suzanne – I think that’s what’s missing! There are probably 100s of other things that I haven’t even picked up on.

    Lorraine – yes, indeed. I wanted to say he was a climber because that’s what I made him! Sadly it’s not enough.

    Thanks Cole! Modern Heat is supposed to be fun and flirty so I’m not sure if I can be too angsty. Though come to think of it, there have been a couple of stories where things haven’t been all hearts and flowers.

    Lucy – yep, I like the lightbulb moment! No, this one isn’t finished but I do have another one that is. My Nano. Boy, was that ever a good thing…

  6. I’ve read books where there has been a lot of angst from the start because it was needed in that particular situation.

    Then the fun & flirty can come along.

    I expect your eds will tell say you can get away with most anything so long as it is written well. So that’s my sitting on the fence answer!!

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