New Website, New Blog, New Book

Hey guys, sorry to make y’all move over here but…well, I thought it was time I had everything in the one place. I hope you’ll continue to come visit me here like you continued to visit my old blog. I’m going to keep that one where it is so if you forget the link… πŸ˜‰

So, I’ve just had the wonderful Haven Yates redesign my website for me since I did it all myself last time and I’m HOPELESS with HTML and stuff. I think he’s done an awesome job. Doing a website these days isn’t easy, especially when you’ve got heaps of book covers to display and since I will have LOTS of book covers…hehe…

Anyway, to celebrate my new website and blog AND also the selling of a new book – yes, I dunno if I’m supposed to say or not but I sold my fourth book to Samhain a few days ago. It’s the linked book to Taking Him (my Dirty Virgin Hero) and it’s called Having Her. It also contains a virgin. And Manga. And Star Wars cosplay. And hot builders… Not sure of release dates etc yet but will let ya’ll know… (btw this makes this my 7th book sold in a year. I’m not telling you this to be smug, I’m telling you this because if I can do it, you can do it too…..okay so I’m a little smug.) Right…so where was I…?

Oh yeah. To celebrate all this newness, I thought I’d do another Finn giveaway. Now you don’t have to follow me or like me or sign up to the thing that is called a newslsetter. All you have to do is leave a comment for me. Hoo is mixing drinks so just let him know your favourite tipple. I’ll draw a winner on the weekend and post here. BTW, the last person who won never claimed their book (KimberlyIndy, if you’re out there, I have a book for you!!) so don’t forget to check if you wanna read it.

Thanks in advance for following me over and I hope you’ll continue to stay! Okay, Hoo. Get mixing them drinks…

24 thoughts on “New Website, New Blog, New Book”

  1. Congrats, Jackie! Smart to consolidate all your sites; I keep intending to do that, but it seems like such a big job that I don’t do it at all…

    Happy 2013.

    1. Thanks Nicole. Yeah, it took me months to get my act together and…well, get someone else to do it! πŸ˜‰
      Happy 2013 to you too!

  2. Love the new digs! And congrats on your fourth (!!) book to Samhain!

    (I would toss confetti but I wouldn’t want to clutter up the new place.)

    1. Lol! Toss away….er….that came out wrong. But confetti appreciated – nay, confetti is mandatory!! And thanks heaps!

  3. That Haven Yates is such a multi-talented man! Musician, web designer, hotty…

    Love the new page.

    1. Isn’t he just?? He needs his own fan website… Someone tell Maisey. Hehehe. And thanks!

  4. Ohhh fab blog and website, Jackie! (Am I the first – hope so?) Massive congrats on book 7 – I’m SO pleased for you – I’ve followed your journey for a few years now, and you’ve been an inspiration to us all. I was on the verge of giving up too, but am sticking the with it. Caroline x p.s. don’t enter me in your Finn book draw – I’ve got it on pre-order ;o) x

    1. Hi Caroline! Yay, I’m so pleased so made it over. Thanks re Book 7! I know, you’ve been such a wonderful person to come along for the ride. And am SO glad you’re sticking with it. You HAVE to. There’s no other way it’ll happen. I’m here for hand-holding! And whinging too! God knows everyone else has been there for me. πŸ™‚

  5. Nice site and blog, Jax! I like the…ahem…man nipples πŸ˜‰ You can be rest assured I’ll be popping by to get a eyeful every now and then, hehe.

    1. Hey, it’s the lovely Minxes!! Thanks for visiting you guys! You rock!

      Lol Maya! Nothing wrong with a pair of man nips, eh? On the right dude, natch… Anyway, feel free to drop by anytime. That guy isn’t going anywhere… πŸ˜‰

  6. Love the new blog, Jackie, and well done on your latest sale. You are rocking it! Don’t include me in your draw as I’ve already pre-ordered Finn for my Kindle.

    1. Ahaha! Thanks. Am very pleased. The hero is way alpha (which I adore) and actually, so is the heroine. Lots of shenannigens ensue.

  7. Jackie

    Love the site. Haven Yates has done you proud! And books in a year! Thats so incredible and you so deserve every one of those sales. Thanks for sharing your path to success and showing that it pays to persevere – I shall remain on the roller coaster for a while longer.

    Nina xx

    1. Hey Nina! Lovely to see you here. I know, hasn’t he done well? And thanks re the sale.
      But keep on the roller coaster, girl. Like I said to Caroline, am available for hand-holding and pushing when the going gets tough. You WILL do it, I have no doubt. You just gotta keep holding on.

  8. 7th sale is awesome, Jackie!!! Can’t wait to read it….I’m going to buy a copy of Falling for Finn…is it available on amz?

    P.S. Love the new digs

    1. Thanks Sri! Yep, it’s on Amazon for pre-order. Release date is the 19th of Feb. And thanks heaps for buying! πŸ™‚

  9. Hey, looks great Jackie!!! Congrats, you’ve been super busy πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to read FALLING FOR FINN!!

    1. Thanks Victoria! I can’t wait till it’s released. Well, am full of trepidation about it of course but you know what I mean huh? πŸ˜‰

  10. Hi Jackie,

    Gorgeous website and just read up on your Mommy Guilt.

    I had it bad when I wasn’t selling, but now that I am, fuggetaboutit. And btw, kids, clean up after supper. I’m working two jobs. Three if you count marketing.

    But mine are teens and I’m still on deck to drive for basketball etc. Which, btw, is a great place to talk about drugs and sex – in the car where they can’t get away.

    Congrats on 7 sales this year! You da man.


    1. Hey, Dani! Thanks so much for stopping by. Yeah, I’ve had it bad for the past five years. Am okay now I’ve sold – at least it feels like I can contribute you know? But it’s still there.
      Lol on your teens! My oldest is 11 so I’ve got a couple of years yet but I’m going keep that tip re the driving. Hehe.
      And thanks. It has been a pretty great year. πŸ™‚

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