New Year’s Eve vs My Partial

Right, well, I suppose I should be thinking about resolutions and whatnot, it being New Year’s Eve today. Thing is, I’m not paying attention to anything much (including the kids) because I am totally immersed in fiddling with my partial. In fact, I’d like to give New Year’s Eve a total miss so I can get this sucker done and away before we head up north. Is that sad or what?

Anyway, I suppose I should get into the spirit of it and list my goals for 2010:

1. Get published.

2. Get published.

3. Get published.

4. Get published.

5. You getting the idea?

6. Get published.

7. I think you are by now.

8. Get published.

9. Eat chocolate (fooled you there for a minute).

10. Yep, you guessed it, get published.

Here’s to a very happy 2010 for everyone! May we all realise at least one of our goals. I can definitely predict that number 9 on my list will come true. 🙂

21 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve vs My Partial”

  1. LOL Jackie, there’s nothing sad about doing what you love – it’ll set the pace for a productive 2010. Bum on seat/fingers on keyboard…

    Thank you for sharing so much this year. I look forward to more… much more.

    Wishing you and everyone else a productive and happy 2010

  2. Here’s to achieving your goal and getting published!!

    Not sad, just determined. If it’s any consolation, I wrote on Christmas Day and will undoubtedly write on New Year’s Eve – and NYD – too. If what you want to do is write, then write. Scratch that itch. Get that partial finished to your absolute satisfaction and send it off to HQ.

    Then start something new! 😉

  3. Jackie – i am all for goals over resolutions and i totally understand your dream and applaud your drive but do read Julie Leto’s post over here on the goal thing:
    of course I know you know this already 😉
    i’ll be writing tonight too!!! Now we’re not sad chicks, but determined and a tad crazy writers 🙂

  4. Sally – right back at you! Let’s hope for some good stuff in 2010 eh?

    Rach – 🙂

    Jane – you betcha. I want it out of my hair so I can think about something else!

    Natalie – cheers! Yeah, I do know that. 🙂 Seriously, I’ve got my dream already in many ways which is being able to write full time. Getting published would be the icing on the cake but I don’t need it. As long as I can write, I’m happy. Here’s to writing on New Year’s Eve eh?

  5. Yeah, see there you go – one up on me – i’d LOVE to be able to write full time – but only 2 years and it’ll be school time and that’s fabulous. (two years and counting!)Just went and bought my big 2010 diary and going to sit tonight and write in all the goals for January and the long term goals in the notes section. Sad I know but I’m really excited about it! I’ve had my 2 glasses of cider already and will be in bed by 10 probably!!!!

  6. Nat – I’ve had a martini. Only one ’cause that’s my limit these days (don’t tell anyone). Yeah, it’s nice to be able to write like this – my hubby is a god. I’d like to be able to earn from it is all – feel like a freeloader at the moment.
    Go the diary though! Hope there’s lots of books planned ’cause there’s people here that want to read them. 🙂 Have a great New Year eh? Two years and counting down…

  7. What a cooincidence! I have the same goals for 2010. LOL. And the chocolate? Well, I already took care of that with my mega box. Yep, it’s gone. I’m such a pig! Happy New Year Jackie and best wishes for you to get published. You’re a lot closer than I am and I feel 2010 will be your year!

  8. Thanks Caroline! Be nice to finally get paid for all this work but hey, I’m loving it whether I do or not.

    Kaily – dunno about being closer. Will find out when the partial response comes back. ;-)Have a great New Year. 2010 could be a good one for all of us eh?

  9. Happy New Year Jackie. Fingers crossed they like your partial as much as I do.
    Not that you need any superstitious gestures of course 🙂

  10. Happy New Year, Jackie! I like your resolutions – all ten of them ;). And guess what? I’m predicting that all ten will come true in 2010! I hope you got to grips with your partial. Enjoy your break.


  11. Loving the resolutions, Jackie!

    And you’ve got every chance of success because you are working away relentlessly at attaining your goals.

    If anyone’s got Michelle S’s 5 D’s it’s you.

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