Presents Competition – Congrats!

Hey, big huge congrats to the winners of the Presents Writing Competion! To get so far out of so many entries is a huge acheivement. Chocolate martinis and champagne cocktails all round.
Especially to fellow aspirant MH author and MH winner, Gill (AKA Jilly). I’ve only just met you but your talent is truly inspiring. Can’t wait to read the book!

In other positive news, I have heard back from the ed. She wants me to send her detailed character back-stories for Cat and Sean before a partial and a synopsis. So I’m still in the game here! Now this is something I should have done way back when and just didn’t because I’m so damn impatient to get to writing the story. No longer!

So this weekend is my time to sort out just who my characters are. I’m going to write detailed backstories for them, why they are the people they are when the story opens. Very excited as this feels like I’m finally getting to the root of my problems with conflict…

More next week!

11 thoughts on “Presents Competition – Congrats!”

  1. Hi Jackie-I’m heartened by the amount of time/work the eds put in, once they spot talent!
    So, go girl-have a fabulously productive weekend and pat yourself on the back!
    Congrats to the ‘presents/mh’ winners and to those still getting there-we will get there, right?(nodding head, here!) margie s

  2. Of course you’re still in the game – you’re hugely talented and they know it. You also have a number of people waiting to read your books.

    The four recent winners have done so well – congratultions to them. I’m really looking forward to their chapters.


  3. Margie – it IS heartening. Which means it can happen for others too. So yes, you can and will get there.

    Suzanne – cheers m’dear. I’m only hoping THIS is the book you’ll actually all get to read. And if not, there’s always the next one…

    Yep, those winners are fab.

  4. Congratulations to the four contest winners- especially fabulous Gill Clegg(aka Jilly)!

    Jackie, have fun and dig deep with those character work-ups. I love that part of writing. Character interviews are great too.

    I am positive this will be the one you crack it with.

  5. Hey Jane, yeah, it’s something I have never really done so this is new stuff for me. And it’s hard! But I WANT this story to be the one too. So I am going to work hard at it.

  6. Hey Jackie-long time no ‘talk’, LOL. Just wanted to say I think it’s so awesome that you have this relationship with your editor. Shows she really believes in your work. So, it’s just a matter of ‘when’!
    Good luck to you, happy writing!

  7. Hey Laura, nice to ‘see’ you again. 🙂 Well, it’s totally awesome of the editor to spend so much time with me – I can’t say enough good stuff about her patience. I must be the slowest learner on earth.

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