Pulling on My Waders

So I can wade through the rest of this damn book! My word count is sky high and will no doubt get longer. The doubts are also setting in. In particular, I’m worried my hero’s conflict is too complicated – I’m a terrible complicater when it comes to emotional conflict, adding bits to it, more strands. Another result of starting off with a great set-up and then trying to mould the conflict to fit it. Number one golden rule from now on: conflict first! You’d think I would have learned by now…

Anyway, getting this thing done proves again a nice piece of advice that Felicity (one of the other Modern Heat runners-up) gave me, that was given to her by another author: enjoy the time before you get published because you will never have the freedom to write what you want once you do. Certainly the further along the path you go, the more stressful it is and the less freedom you have to abandon a project that’s been requested if you don’t like it (though you could I suppose). I was certainly less stressed when I was writing for my own amusement!

Then again, writing is what I’ve been wanting to do since forever so I’m certainly not stopping now. And if you need another reason, see here. The rest of the literary herd may look down on us romance writers but I betcha we sell more than they do!

3 thoughts on “Pulling on My Waders”

  1. Ah, conflict. Too much, too little. It’s tricky. In fact it’s all really hard. So much to think about. Motivation, conflict, flirtiness, emotion. Ahhhh.
    And then you have to edit the damn thing! I’m sure yours will be fabulous.

  2. Thanks Lucy. I’m aiming for fabulous but am worried that what might come out is only okay. Ah, if only romance writing as easy as everyone seems to think it is…

    Lorraine, when I start to sink, you’ll be able to hear the screams floating up from NZ in Scotland!

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