Revenge? Blackmail? Enemies?

On the subject of conflict, I was reading on the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books blog about what kind of conflicts readers prefer in their romance. It makes for interesting reading – especially the comments regarding what sort of conflict readers don’t like! (reminds me of the discussion on one of the Amazon boards about what was the biggest turn-off in a sex scene!). Bascially one person’s hot conflict is another’s major yawn. It also proves to me that there is no such thing as an original conflict – as one commenter points out, there’s only 12 kinds of plots and Shakespeare already used them all. 🙂

Anyway, my favourite kind of conflict to read/write is: opposites attracting, revenge, and friends to lovers among others. My pet hate is misunderstandings (though it depends on the execution with this one). To take a leaf from the SBTB blog, what about y’all?

8 thoughts on “Revenge? Blackmail? Enemies?”

  1. I like the opposites attract. This is what kept my last hero and heroine apart. Then, even when they did decide to give their passion free run, their differences kept them from making the ultimate comittment. I also like stories where the heroine is goal driven and her attraction to the hero is threatening to alter her path. But that is just a variation of opposites attract I guess.

  2. Know what you mean about misunderstnadings. I remember reading (in some writing book or other) that you should never try to use a situation that a good talk wouldn’t sort out as today’s heroine would be likely to confront the hero and so end the conflict.


  3. Felicity – totally. Favourite enemies is great. All sorts of great opportunities for sparky dialogue. And I looooove dialogue..

    Suzanne – so true. I was reading one just yesterday where that happened and I just about threw the book against the wall! Then again, it’s all in the execution.

  4. Any conflict will do it for me (and I do love a damaged hero) except the big misunderstanding. I thought these had been wiped out so am surprised that they still crop up. I read one recently (had accidentally downloaded it) and it made me fume.

  5. I love a damanged hero too, Lucy. My favourite kind in fact. And I’m hearing ya about the misunderstandings. They’re okay if cleared up quickly but not if they’re the whole reason for the conflict.

  6. Wow – that link was a good read and I found it interesting to see what other readers like/ don’t like.

    For me, I like reunions, best friends becoming lovers or anything with a good conflict.

    I can’t stand where the hero is mean or the conflict is a misunderstanding and could be cleared up over a chat

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