Robyn Thomas and His Unexpected Family – Giveaway!

So proud today to introduce my CP Sister and all round fabulous lady, Robyn Thomas. Her debut book has just been released from Entangled and it is awesome!  You can win your own copy here if you leave a comment! *promos shamelessly* 🙂

I’d like to thank Jackie for inviting me here today to chat about my debut book His Unexpected Family. I’m so thrilled that we’re both writing for Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence line.
For this post I’m going way back to the beginning of this book’s journey. It’s hard to believe now, but there was a time when I struggled to come up with story ideas.  My inspiration wasn’t lacking in the usual sense, it was simply offering story ideas that didn’t match what I was *meant to be writing. (I had the dreaded combination of an editor request that was quite specific and a perpetually blank page.) As panic began to set in, I looked inward and found my answer.
It was so simple that it was almost scary. Instead of looking at the request as a directive to write a particular type of story, I’d build my kind of story around an issue that mattered to me. In this case: grief and starting over.
I find that people are fascinating when they’re really up against it. It’s not possible for them to hide who they really are, and yet I love to watch them try. No-one wants to be vulnerable, and it’s tempting to hide behind humour, sarcasm or rudeness. Ren and Cole from His Unexpected Family are all wrong – and so right – for each other. They’re both wounded and defensive, and progress for one means a setback for the other. Receiving conflicting messages from their head and their heart, makes them blunder and stumble and question everything. And, for me, that’s delicious.
What do you find delicious to read (or write) about? Leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of His Unexpected Family.

Sometimes you have to take the leap…again.
Newly widowed with a new baby, Ren Jamieson is putting her life back together after her thrill-seeking husband’s death. But when she’s called to show a high-end property to a prospective client—a commission she desperately needs—she meets a man who makes her pulse pound like nothing she’s ever known…
Cole Matthews is more than he seems. Real estate is only part of the reason he’s in Australia – the other is to see Ren, and make amends somehow for the life lost. The last thing Cole expects is a woman whose humor, sweetness and sexiness give him a rush greater than any he’s ever experienced…
Torn between her growing feelings for Cole and the risks of loving yet another adventurer, Ren will have to choose between keeping her feet on the ground…and taking the most dangerous leap of her life.

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Robyn’s Bio:
Romance and fairytales are the best ingredients to work with because they go with absolutely everything. Inspiration for new recipes is everywhere I look, and who wouldn’t want to pursue a career where the only limit is your imagination?
I remember making the decision to write my first book, but since then writing has become more of a compulsion than a choice. It’s less about having complete silence, a gorgeous work space, a free hour or two, and a steaming hot coffee, and more about getting my fingers to the keyboard any chance I get. The coffee helps, though.

I live just outside Melbourne with my wonderful husband and two sons. Writing romance helps to balance the effects of living in an all-male household. I love to cook, hate to clean up, and keep very odd hours. My writing days used to be solitary, but they’re not anymore. I now have Seven Sassy Sisters online, and their friendship and support is invaluable.