First Cover Sighted!

Hanging around in this sold-but-yet-to-be-published limbo is weird. You want to yell about your books but you can’t yet because they’re not out. And they won’t be out for another six months at the very least. You kind of want to keep going ‘hi, remember me? Yeah, I sold. But my book isn’t out for six months okay so be sure to remember that. February. Make a note in your calendar. Yes, next year. Six months. I know but be patient.’

Basically waiting is the one constant in the whole publishing process.

In the middle of all this waiting is some good stuff though – I got to see the first version of my cover for my Samhain book! Reader, I cried. Yes, hearing I’d sold didn’t make me cry (I was too busy hyperventilating), getting the contract didn’t make me cry, but seeing that cover with my name on it in big, shiny letters…  And it’s a FABULOUS cover. Not just because it has my name on it but because it’s actually really, really beautiful. I mean, if that was someone else’s book I’d be going wow, that cover so makes me want to buy it.

Anyway, I can’t show you the cover yet but since Samhain is really a well oiled machine, I won’t be surprised if I get a final version soon-ish and then I can squee and wallpaper the internet with it.  Hehe.

Which brings me to my question of the week – what sells a book for you? The cover? The blurb? A review? Bribes of chocolate from the author??? *stands by with pen ready to take notes while staring at cover again*