Too Many Eggs and Not Enough Baskets

I’m wondering about eggs. And baskets. And wondering if I’ve got too many in one place with the whole Modern Heat thing. Because that’s the only line I’m targetting at the moment. Mainly because I really, really wanted to get a handle on it and doing anything else felt like changing my focus. Yeah, I’m a little bit obsessive like that.

The problem though is, yep, you guessed it, wait times. I have been inching forward, it’s true. And I do feel like I’m making some progress. But it’s by slow increments. And I’m such an imptatient little person that it’s doing my head in. The ed has chapters 2 and 3 and my synopsis but I haven’t received any answer on this yet. It hasn’t been long so I shouldn’t complain. But I’ve finished rewriting my story now and once again I am waiting.

And this time I’m wondering if I should do something different, branch out. Even – shock, horror! – try a different publisher. Thing is, I like writing Modern Heat. Even if I wasn’t writing to the guidelines, my stories would still be very Modern/Modern Heat. Perhaps they’d be longer and the language would be stronger (let’s face it, alphas probably wouldn’t say ‘god’ or ‘hell’ or ‘insert appropriate mild curse here’ ALL the time) but they’d still be essentially character driven because that’s what I like to write.

Still, maybe it’s worth thinking about. Be nice to have more than one submission out there, I have to say. Challenge myself too. Although I do feel I’m being challenged enough in getting MH right!

Anyone else out there targetting different publishers? What do you reckon? Worth a crack?

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  1. Me… kinda…
    I’m playing with a YA idea I’ve had for a while. It’s completely different and kind of fun.
    I say have a play while you wait!!

  2. The very first novel I wrote was a contemporary romance. It is in a drawer. I never really tried to get it published as I was way to green back then. The novel I am ready to submit right now is a fantasy with romance running through it. I am going to submit it to LUNA. And, although I am currently writing the sequel, I am thinking about dusting off the first novel – why not? It will need a re-write, but I don’t see why you shouldn’t spread your wings and get as many irons in the fire as you can. You don’t have to abandon MH, just think of them like movies. If I’m having a movie weekend, I might watch Gladiator in the afternoon and A Good Year in the evening. I can wrap my head around both in the same day. Just because I watched Gladiator, doesn’t mean now I have to watch 300 in the same day. Maybe I should have prefaced all of this by saying that when I write I see a movie in my head – doesn’t everyone? Sorry if I am rambling, it is nearly midnight here in good old Saskatoon. Good luck, but I really think you can consider other genres, publishers, etc.

  3. Why not? Might be refreshing to write something different – you know what they say about change…

    Then you can go back to MH with a new perspective and energy. Besides, you’re a fast writer. I say go for it πŸ™‚

  4. Hi,

    I started writing within the erotic genre, at thesame time writing a mainstream romantic thriller/suspense novel which took a year to complete.

    Now after a long break from writing due to serious riding accident, like you I’m trying my hand at category romance – again hedging bets on MH and historicals.

    1 MH and 1 historical written and finished since starting the first just before xmas, and 2nd MH up to 45000 wrd count this very morning.

    The problem with targeting just one publisher is the blasted wrd count differentials. HM&B MH/historicals are a mere 50,000 wrd, while some publishers specify 60,000 – 75,0000 and Avon Romance expect 90,000 to 150,000 on all lines!

    That said, more wrd count allows for developing more indepth charaterisation and detailed descriptions per scene, and end product that can’t be read in one afternoon.

    Hedge bets I say.

  5. You already know my opinion on this πŸ™‚ WRite that BLAZE gf!!! I think it is a good idea (unless like me you have hardly any time – lol) to have your eggs in a couple of baskets! Its not like you’re giving up on MH – your first love – but you are having fun while you wait for their decision. It’s ALL helpful practice!!
    Go for it!

  6. Hi Jackie,

    I wish I had a brilliant answer, but I don’t. I’ve thought about the same question myself. Currently, I have a requested partial out with Superromance, and my current wip targets the same line. If a writer’s voice naturally fits into a specific category line, great. I think that I’m targeting the right line, but what if I’m not?

    Ultimately, we have to write the story in our heart, then find it a home. If I get a rejection on my partial, I’m not going to stuff it in a drawer. I plan on editing it to fit one of the few ‘other’ publishers that take category length novels and see what happens. I would absolutely LOVE to write for harlequin, but there are other ‘baskets’ out there.

    The other thing is that harlequin asks writers to submit to one line at a time so that we can better focus on the reqs. for that line. It doesn’t mean I can’t write something else. I just can’t submit it until I hear back (unless I break their rule). I don’t think I can tackle more than one wip at a time, so until I hear back on the partial, I’ll keep tapping away at my current super. I may have of couple of eggs in one basket for now, but I know I have other baskets I can fill if one of my eggs cracks πŸ˜‰

  7. Becca – YA eh? I don’t know that I could write YA. But you go girl!

    Wendy – That’s a nice analogy re the movies. I’m sticking to romance ’cause that’s what I like to write but doensn’t mean I can’t mix it up a little eh? Good luck with the Luna sub!

    Janette – yeah, go the Blaze!

    Angie – true enough. Of course that means having a new idea for a story. πŸ˜‰

    Francine – yeah, not sure as to word count. I can write long. Hmmm, maybe I should.

    RAch – Lol re the Blaze! I might give it a go. Course, I have a feeling my heroes will be slightly on the dark side for Blaze. Ah well.

    Rula – my voice is definitely MH. But I can adjust it. And I think if your partial has been requested then you have potential for that line. Anyway, I can and do write several stories at once so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have one that isn’t MH bubbling away.
    Good luck with your partial huh?

  8. Not long ago I made an attempt to divert my attention elsewhere but for an entirely different reason – validation. I needed to know if I could sell something I’d written. After a couple of attempts, I sold a short story to Woman’s Day (an Australian weekly glossy mag). It was a great feeling to receive a positive response, have my story in print, and get paid for it.

    It’s comforting to know we have the basic working tools (writing skills). With some tuning/honing they can be applied to any line. Personally, my teeth are too deeply imbedded in Presents to consider anything else. However, there’s a lot to be said for versatility.


  9. Yes! Listen to Rach! You can still keep your focus on Modern Heat you’ll just have something wonderful to distract you when your suppose to be NTAI

  10. Veronica – actually, I think validation is a large part of it. I did have that contest runner-up thing and also I am working with an ed but that’s about it! And because the past six months have been such hard graft with the ed, I have been wondering if I’ve got what it takes after all. Maybe doing something else and seeing what someone else thinks might be a good thing.
    Anyway, congrats re your short story!! I can’t write short sadly. But yeah, think I could definitely branch out to another, similiar line. Blaze is similiar-ish in tone to MH which is why I thought I’d give it a go.

    Lacey – very good point! Distraction is the key when it comes to NTAI.

  11. Jackie, when someone writes as fast as you, I can see why you would. And I know you could do whatever you wanted.

    When I first submitted, Presents was the aim, and I didn’t want to sub to another line or pub, I wanted to learn that one. But, honestly, just a week or so before I got The Call I was toying with subbing an MS I had done to Desire.

    I think it’s good to branch out, but I’m also a big believer in the branding (because, hehe, your pub wants to brand you!)so, I do think it’s good to get a few MSs done and dusted for the line of your choice (makes it easier when offered contracts!) and also, plan for if you sell to both (and I’m sure, fast writer than you are…) make sure you could write for both long term!

  12. Maisey – yeah, that’s my preference! Get my name out there in the one line. It’s just the process involved in getting my name out here. πŸ˜‰ Two years subbing and waiting is a long time and there is that whole wanting to be validated for all that time you’ve spent with nothing to show for it – not that I’m saying I have nothing to show for it cos I do, but it’s still a long time to be working at something and not succeeding. There are no guarantees I’ll even get into the line I want after all. Sigh…
    I don’t know. The jury is still out on that one. If I had a full with them maybe not but I don’t. πŸ™ On the up side, if I do get the Call, i have one completed ms all ready to go, that still holds up after all the feedback I’ve had this year. Really, I should have subbed that one!

  13. I wasn’t saying not to sub to another line. You know I think you’d rock at anything! πŸ™‚ Like I said, after nearly two years with my one sub, I was certainly about at that point! LOL.

    And Cat and Sean are great. No regrets now. And yay for having another sub all ready to go! That’s going to serve you very well.

    And I agree with Rach that you could SO write Blaze..LOL.

  14. Maisey – thanks heaps m’dear! Yes, after two years no wonder you felt like that. As to my completed sub, that may not be a goer either but you know what? I actually don’t think it’s a failure. I have a good feeling about it. Don’t have that with Cat and Sean but that’s probably because I need to get stuck in and edit!
    Ah the Blaze…could do. I like my heroes darker than they probably prefer ’em but it might be worth a shot. Be fun to write even if I don’t sub!

  15. Jackie… I did try out my first MH chapter for presents competition and spectacularly failed πŸ™‚ I am not meaning it in a bad sense. I got confirmation that MH isn’t my line.

    First of all, am more comfy with “shorts” and I prefer paranormal with a bit extra spice thrown in.
    I am happy writing that and sticking to it. I am not yet in a stage where I feel like branching.

    But I say that, if you feel the ‘change’ would do you good, go for it !

  16. Ju – I think feeling ready for something else comes with experience. And hey, if you’re happy writing what you’re writing, why not stick with it? I’m happy writing MH, it’s just annoying that it’s only one publisher and only one line. Sigh.

  17. To be honest you’re so prolific I think you could easily branch out and write several books during the wait time, plus it might take your mind off the wait.
    I think you can easily keep your focus because it’s in your personality to be intensely focussed anyway.

    God, that was a really rambly way of saying go for it πŸ™‚
    Sorry, but it is the end of the day here!

  18. Lorraine – Yes, I never thought I was that intensely focussed but you could be right. πŸ˜‰ Well, I shall have to think more. I have another MH idea that’s begging to be written though!

  19. I certainly have. I’ve published other stories and have written even more other than Modern. Let’s see, I’ve done chick lit, suspense, novellas (with a little bit more heat than HMB) and a sci-fi which I really loved writing. I think you can do it Jackie, if only to pass the time and keep your sanity!

  20. Maya – wow, that’s versatility for you! I’ve had a play around with SF – before I got seriously into romance actually. Sf romance, now maybe that I could do. If only these wretched MH ideas would stop playing with my head!

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