As you know, I have been hard at work fiddling around with conflict etc for my Naughty Frenchman. So there I was, happily minding my own business, rewriting chapter 1 for the FIFTH time (don’t ask!), when I was blindsided by a new idea for my nearly-there-but-sadly-rejected ms.
I know, I was supposed to be writing something completely new but…well…the idea was too good. Thing about this ms is that the eds loved my characters – and I did too – so it seems a shame that they don’t get their HEA.
If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know the ms was rejected for not having sustainable internal conflict. Correction, it had no internal conflict whatsoever, apart from my heroine being a geek. However, in the past six months I have learned a whole heap about conflict, motivation and plots driven by the characters actions and reactions, so I reckon I’ve now got the knowledge to be able to save this particular ms.

The thing to note about adding conflict to a ms that didn’t have any is that the characters will change. No just maybe, they will. Because now they will have actual motivation. And if their motivation is different, then actions that they take will also be different. Their dialogue will change, their introspection will too. In fact, the whole damn thing changes so there is bascially nothing of the existing story left.

It’s funny though that in thinking about the conflict for my heroine, she is still very similiar to the heroine I had before – her primary motivation was always about acceptance because she was afraid no one will love the person she is. But now I know why she is afraid no one will love her and it’s not just because she’s a geek. Of course this means that the story will now be completely different. But that’s okay. I’m supposed to be writing something new right? 😉

The geek and the Frenchman will have to battle it out.